Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about travelling with Wild Frontiers we would be delighted to answer them - please call us on 020 8741 7390. Alternatively, you can browse some frequently asked questions below:

Why should I travel with Wild Frontiers?

We feel that Wild Frontiers is truly unique in the adventure travel market and the high percentage of clients who travel with us again and again isn’t down to chance. Wild Frontiers is a company that has been set up by travellers for travellers and the company ethos is to help adventurous souls get to incredible places that would otherwise remain inaccessible.

Our London office is manned by experienced expedition leaders and it is their knowledge and passion (along with that of our experienced guides) that is evident in all aspects of the trips, from planning through to implementation. In short, we run the kind of trips that we like to do!

By keeping the group sizes small (maximum 12) we can allow for a greater degree of flexibility and cater to individual needs and this unobtrusive ‘low impact’ tourism gives travellers a chance to get off the beaten track without damaging the places they visit. In addition, a percentage of the trip profits are used to fund various NGO’s and charities in the countries we visit so that everyone – travellers and locals alike – benefit from the experience.

What makes us different?

Using passionate and knowledgeable guides, as well as a dedicated and experienced office staff, we are able to provide unique and original itineraries that allow our clients to take a journey beneath the surface of the region, into those special and secret places.

Go to many UK travel websites and what you will find are homogenised travel packages lacking both originality and imagination. Most of these itineraries have simply been sourced from partner agencies in the country to which the tour runs, with little regard for the fact that the same tour is being sold around the world to any number of other organisations.

The itinerary - that soon becomes a circuit - is therefore not only run by the one company as many times as it can, it is run by umpteen others as well. By running our tours only once or twice a year, and on routes we have discovered for ourselves, we are able to give a truly off-the-beaten-track experience and all the benefits that go with that. See more at WF Difference.

Are you bonded?

Yes! We are a registered UK tour operator and hold both an ATOL, ABTOT and AITO licence which means that all your money is fully protected if you book with us.

Do I need special travel insurance for your trips?

All clients are expected to have personal travel insurance adequate for the region they are travelling to. We can now provide you with our own bespoke policy that covers you for all our destinations and all our activities. Please contact the office for more details.

I'm travelling on my own - will everyone else on your group tours be in couples?

Although we get a fair amount of couples, the majority of our clients are single travellers. If you would like to avoid single supplements, we are happy to pair you with a same sex room companion for the trip. If there is no one available of the same sex as you, we will arrange a single room for you at no extra cost.

On your group tours, what is the maximum group size?

On our escorted tours, we believe it is imperative to keep the group sizes small. Most of our trips have a maximum group size of 12, thus giving you more access to fragile cultures, better opportunities to interact with local people and the knowledge you are making less of an impact whilst there. Please refer to individual itineraries for details.

What do I need to bring with me?

Aside from a sense of adventure and an open mind?!?… Upon booking we will send you a fact file containing information about the region plus an equipment list, recommended clothing list and any items that might be hard to come by in your destination.

How far in advance do I need to book my trip?

There is no hard and fast guide, although some trips are popular and book up quickly. To ensure a place, you can simply pay a deposit at any time, and then pay the balance 8 weeks prior to departure. Also, be sure to allow yourself enough time to obtain visas and vaccinations where necessary.

I'm a fit and active senior citizen - am I too old to join a Wild Frontiers tour?

At Wild Frontiers we believe that having an adventurous spirit and a love of travel is far more important then physical age, so we don’t impose age restrictions. In terms of fitness levels you certainly don’t need to be able to run the marathon but to get the most out of the experience you need a certain amount of get-up-and-go. Every trip is different, so to make life easy we have graded each trip in terms of activity, comfort and adventure.

My Government advises against travel to the place I want to go to. Am I right to be concerned about security?

All travel involves an element of risk and ultimately your appetite (or lack of) for risk remains a personal decision. For us at Wild Frontiers the safety and security of our clients, wherever they may be travelling, is of PARAMOUNT importance to us and from our experience of operating tours to some of the world’s more challenging destinations for over 15 years, we strongly believe that it is possible, with the right measures in place, to travel safely yet contrary to the advice of your government.

In the UK, the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office are obliged to notify people of all possible dangers relating to travel in each region and we constantly confer with them, our agents and contacts on the ground as well as independent security experts to make sure we are sensibly managing and minimising risks while still being able to offer the types of trips that our clients demand and love.

If you are considering travelling contrary to the advice of your government you should first read the advice (for UK citizens - and for US citizens - and then contact us should you have any questions concerning our decision to offer any particular trip. We would then urge you to discuss your decision with family and friends before committing to any trip.

Moreover, as travel insurance is a mandatory requirement for all our trips - and as many policies may have a clause in their small print excluding cover for travel contrary to the advice of your government - you should also check that you are able to source adequate insurance. For UK residents clients aged 78 or below, Travel & General are able to offer such a policy, more details of which can be found here - . For non UK residents, please feel free to contact us for advice and guidance.

All clients travelling contrary to the advice of their government will be required to sign a disclaimer acknowledging that they have read the pertinent advice and that they have sourced adequate travel insurance for their trip.