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Left behind by the retreating waters of a vast inland ocean, the Aral Sea was once the fourth largest inland body of water on the planet. Fed by the Amu Darya and Syr Darya Rivers, its fragile ecology was kept in perfect balance, making the region a haven for sturgeon and muskrat and providing local people with a rich source of food and income.

In the 1960s, however, a Soviet plan to divert the waters of the two rivers to fertilise the surrounding desert and make the Soviet Union self-sufficient ...

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Simple | Yurt Camp

Aral Sea Camping & Yurt Camp, Aral Sea

Camp in the peaceful and isolated expanse near the ever-diminishing Aral Sea. Facilities are very basic as you will be staying in either a dome tent or yurt with no toilet or washing facilities.…


Travel to Uzbekistan with like-minded people on one of our small group tours (usually max size 12), featuring knowledgeable local guides and an expert tour leader.