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Its name translated as 'gates', Darvaza is a small Turkmen settlement located close to the border with the Dashoguz region, and the start of a special permit zone. Darvaza has 350 inhabitants, most of them Turkmens of the Teke tribe, and at the settlement many people continue their half-nomadic lifestyle by setting up yurts in front of their simple houses.

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Simple | Wild Camp

Darvaza Wild Camping, Darvaza

Staying overnight in the majestic desert of Karakum is a fabulous experience. We are privileged to have special camping permits for spectacular wilderness areas. Tents and mattresses are provided to…


Travel to Turkmenistan with like-minded people on one of our <a href="/en_GB/group-tours" target="_blank" class="simple-link">small group tours</a> (usually max size 12), featuring knowledgeable local guides and an expert tour leader.

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