Sapmi Nature Camp, Gallivare

Sapmi Nature Camp

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Our rating: Premium | Property style: Tented Camp

Sápmi Nature Camp is a sustainable and small-scale camp that offers high quality, close-to-nature accommodation on the border of the Laponia World Heritage Area. The camp consists of ‘double’ rooms in the form of lavvu tents furnished with comfortable double beds, stoves and cosy furnishings inspired by nature and the Sami culture. Sápmi Nature Camp is operated by Lennart Pittja who grew up in a reindeer herding family in the Unna Tjerusj Sami community. The camp is committed to responsible tourism that does not threaten the reindeer and herding here. Between 2-10 guests are permitted to stay at the same time, to encourage a personal and responsible experience. Spend some time meeting Lennart’s family who do daily reindeer herding. They can teach you Sami history, reindeer herding and how the changing world and climate is affecting their life. Dinner each evening comes from the surrounding nature and are most often foraged, hunted or fished by Lennart himself. Local meats such as moose or reindeer and fish such as trout or arctic char are commonly found on the menu and are complemented with local berries, herbs and vegetables.

Sapmi Nature Camp