Brändön Lodge, Lulea

Brändön Lodge

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Set on an island overlooking the frozen waters and scattered islands of the Luleå archipelago, Brändön Lodge is an adventure camp offering a choice of 15 newly renovated cabins. A short drive of about 35 minutes to the north of Luleå takes you through farming land and forest to the coast overlooking the islands of the Luleå archipelago and the Bay of Bothnia. This area is traditionally a farming, fishing and forest community with strong historical and cultural ties to the islands of the archipelago. Each cabin comes equipped with a bathroom, two twin-bed rooms, a lounge area and a front facing covered porch. The camp’s main building includes a restaurant and relaxing lounge, and guests are provided winter clothing to make the most of the spectacular landscapes that surround it. In the summer there is a small cosy sand beach where you can enjoy the sun and a small boat harbour from where you can start exploring the archipelago. Activities include tours of the pack ice by hovercraft and spectacular snowmobile safaris across the metre-thick ice of the frozen archipelago.

Brändön Lodge

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