Empty Quarter Wild Camp, Empty Quarter

Empty Quarter Wild Camp

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Our rating: Simple | Property style: Wild Camp

Your wild camp will be set up this evening in a remote area of the desert in a truly epic location. And what an experience it will be... The size of the dunes, the colour of the dunes and the scale on which this sand sea rides, stretching as it does over a quarter of a million square kilometres deep into Saudi Arabia and Yemen, is like nothing else. Here you will camp and explore, climb the dunes to watch the most stunning sunset, sit around a campfire and catch shooting stars, seemingly without another soul alive in the universe. This experience will not be for everyone. The camping, although comfortable with mattresses, pillows, tables and chairs, is reasonably rudimentary. But for those with a sense of adventure who like to get off the beaten track to witness nature at its most serene and beautiful and are prepared to rough it a little, this is an experience that will stay with you forever.

Empty Quarter Wild Camp

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