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The economic centre of Upper Burma, Mandalay lies at the heart of the country's religious and cultural traditions. One of modern Myanmar's most vibrant cities, it is home to more than 700 pagodas and numerous monasteries, including the revered Mahagandayone Monastery, one of the largest centres of Buddhist learning anywhere in the city. Founded by King Mindon and set around the dominating presence of Mandalay Hill, the city was the last of Burma's royal capitals, until its annexation by the British ...
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Premium | Boutique Hotel

Hotel By The Red Canal, Mandalay

The Hotel By The Red Canal is the town's leading boutique hotel, it is a teak wood establishment, with 26 rooms divided into four categories (Kachin Suite, Rakhine Suite, Shan Suite & Chin Suite). The…
Premium | Resort

Mandalay Hill Resort, Mandalay

Situated at the north east corner of the Palace Canal, this is a large purpose-built, 4 star hotel. Although lacking in some local charm, it offers all you'd need for a comfortable stay. The rooms are…
Premium | Boat

Rv Paukan, Mandalay

Paukan is the original name of the First Burmese Emperor capital, Bagan. The Paukan cruise ships emanate luxurious interiors with colonial style furniture and timber walls with a variety of traditional…


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