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Byblos is a picturesque port city with a wonderful archaeological site. It is known as the world's oldest continually inhabited town and the remains here date from the Stone Age through to the Crusaders. It was here that the scribes of Byblos developed the world's first alphabetic script, precursor of our modern alphabet. Near the old town is the archaeological site, with Phoenician ramparts dating from the 2nd and 3rd millennium BC, the temple of Baalat Gebal, the Obelisk Temple and the Royal Necropolis. ...
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Superior | Boutique Hotel

Aleph Boutique Hotel, Byblos

Aleph Boutique Hotel boasts a central location in the city of Byblos, with some rooms overlooking the ruins. The 26 rooms and suites are named after Phoenician cities and legends and are all…
Premium | Guesthouse

Beit Faris wa Lucia, Byblos

Hidden within the old souks of Byblos, Beit Faris wa Lucia has all the old-world charm of the city it resides in. Built on the foundations of a Crusader tower, the beautiful stone building was the home…
Premium | Hotel

Byblos Sur Mer, Byblos

This coastal boutique hotel, although offering all the charm and comforts of a modern hotel, is steeped in history. Originally built in 1967 and given a new lease of life in 2010, it still manages to…


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