Son Kul Lake Yurt Camp, Son Kul Lake

Son Kul Lake Yurt Camp

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This authentic yurt camp provides the ultimate adventure experience, sleeping in traditional nomadic tents beside the beautiful Son Kul. Surrounded by roaming herds of cattle, horses and goats, the snow-capped peaks and an impressive alpine lake, the camp has an inspiring backdrop to the puffing yurt chimneys and nomadic life. The camp itself is comprised of ten cosy yurts with original décor and traditional Kyrgyz Felt carpets – each of which sleeps up to five people. With simple wooden beds, clean bed linen, blankets, pillows and a stove lit each night before dinner, your stay will be both warm and comfortable. Nearby there are two larger yurts used for dining where you can sample hearty local cooking and even fresh fish caught from the lake. After a full day’s activities, riding, walking and exploring the surrounding area, a session in the camp’s homemade, rustic sauna is a relaxing experience.

Son Kul Lake Yurt Camp

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