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Yazd is one of the oldest cities in the world and the centre of the Zoroastrian religion. Zoroastrianism was the main religion across the Iranian plateau until the Arabs brought Islam to the people in the 7th century AD. Yazd is a city of wind towers, high turrets with openings to catch the winds providing natural air-conditioning during the hot summer months and qanats - underground canals used for irrigation. A dry, desert city, Yazd until recently used to draw its water supply from the Shir Kuh ...
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Premium | Hotel

Dad Hotel, Yazd

In the centre of Yazd close to the old city, the four star Dad Hotel is an historic building with a large courtyard garden. The site was first created in 1928 by Haj Abdolkhalegh Dad and then renovated…
Superior | Hotel

Laleh International Hotel, Yazd

In the historic centre of Yazd, the Laleh International Hotel has modern rooms set around a traditional courtyard. The building dates from the Qajar period and was a residential complex until 1978. In…


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