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This 12th century medieval cave city was originally set up as a fort by King Giorgi III. It was when is daughter, Queen Tamar, built a monastery here that its purpose changed from military to religious, and helped it grow into a city of 50,000 people. It is said that Queen Tamar was responsible for naming the place. While out hunting with her father she became separated from the main group and it was only after one of the soldiers heard her call 'Ak var dzia' (I am here) that she was found. Climbing ...
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Best experiences


Simple | Guesthouse

Valodia's Cottage, Vardzia

Valodia's Cottage has a lovely, large garden area which hosts the three buildings of the accommodation. Amongst the flowers there is a summer bar and a small private seating area around the ponds.…
Superior | Resort

Vardzia Resort, Vardzia

Opposite the Vardzia cave monastery complex is the unique Vardzia Resort. The lovely garden area has its own cave and small church, as well as a summer bar with private seating around the ponds. Enjoy…


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