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This is a strange place that was at one time obviously quite a town, with pretty boulevards and large townhouses. But, like many other places across the former Soviet Union, it has suffered economically in recent years and many of the back streets now look rather drab. However, Gori does hold fame – or perhaps infamy would be a better word – for being the birthplace of the man many say is to blame for more deaths in the 20th century than any other. Josef Visarionovich Jugashvili – better known as ...
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Simple | Hotel

Hotel Victoria, Gori

Away from the main road, the Hotel Victoria is one of the older hotels in the region and offers a humble stay. The sixteen rooms are very simple with carpeted floors and modest furniture, some of them…
Simple | Hotel

Royal House, Gori

The Royal House is a simple yet comfortable hotel in the lovely town of Gori. Set along a leafy road, the hotel has a quaint elegance to it. There are only six rooms, adding a sense of exclusivity to…


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