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Abu Simbel is a site definitely not to be missed. This breathtaking monument is accessible by road or a short flight and is best visited early in the morning. It was built by Ramesses II in ancient Nubia, where he wished to demonstrate his power and divine nature. With four colossal 20-metre-high statues of the monarch sitting in pairs flanking the entrance, it was originally sculpted into the rock face, and amazingly these vast temples were cut into pieces, relocated to higher ground and then ...

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Superior | Lodge

Eskaleh Nubian Ecolodge, Abu Simbel

Set in a wonderful location overlooking Lake Nasser and not far from Abu Simbel temples, the Eskaleh Nubian Ecolodge offers a unique stay that gives a great insight into local traditions. Guests can…
Superior | Resort

Seti Abu Simbel Lake Resort, Abu Simbel

Seti Abu Simbel Lake Resort sits on the banks of Lake Nasser and is a great option for those visiting the nearby sites, with the Grand Temple of Ramses II just 10 minutes away. Offering a generous…


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