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Covid Viability Test

The world of travel has undoubtedly changed. Travel in the future is going to require more flexibility than ever before, and that is why, along with our Covid Promise, we have introduced our Covid Viability Test. 

We hope this will help you plan your trip, whether using it to select a tour which is covid viable, or whether seeking clarity on deposits and refunds.

We will only consider a trip Covid Viable if it meets ALL of the following criteria:

  • The British Foreign & Commonwealth Office do not advise against all but essential global travel or advise against travel to any part of the tour for Covid-19 related reasons.*
  • No destinations visited on the tour have in place any significant COVID-19 restrictions for travellers.
  • Tourist visas (if required) are available.
  • There is reliable airline access to/from the start/end of the trip.
  • Following an assessment by both Wild Frontiers and our local partners we are confident that your trip is able to run in both a safe and enjoyable manner.**

*Since our HQ is in London, Covid Viable status will be assessed on UK-based travellers. However we are fully aware that many of our clients live in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and beyond. As such, when we deem a trip to now be Covid Viable, everyone booked will have a chance to review their own personal situation before deciding whether or not to remain booked on the trip. Anyone wishing to, will have the option to transfer without fees to another trip at this time.
**If a destination, that we have deemed to be Covid Viable, subsequently fails any aspect of the criteria for two consecutive weeks, you will have the right under our Covid Promise to transfer without any fees.