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Wild Frontiers Events

Wild Frontiers hosts a variety of events throughout the year, sometimes with guest speakers, sometimes just about our adventures and destinations. For what's coming up next, please see all details below:

‘Thank you for inviting us - what a fab evening. As you can imagine, we get invited to zillions of events, plus we are in press week, but we were so pleased we took the time out and came along... just our sort of thing.Lyn Hughes, Wanderlust

Get a flavour of our events in our short video (click on right hand image to view).

For more than a thousand years the caravan routes of the ancient Tea Horse Road stretched across the mountainous landscapes of southwestern China and Tibet, carrying people, tea and commerce across hundreds of miles of some of the most dangerous terrain on earth. Once, rivalling the Silk Road as one of the greatest trading highways in the world, today its meandering trails are all but forgotten.

Join Wild Frontiers and guest speakers, China Expert Nic Linton and Travel Writer Gill Charlton, as we not only explore this ancient trade route, but also discover the wonders of China’s other less travelled landscapes of giant gorges, endless rice terraces and timeless karst hills, home to remote hill tribes still steeped in traditions that have endured since the Yuan and Ming dynasties.

China Travel Expert, Nic Linton

Nic first ventured into China in the late 1990s when, after finishing university, he embarked on an epic cycle ride from Australia back to the UK. The lone adventure took him across the Australian outback, through South East Asian jungles to the Himalaya and vast Central Asian deserts beyond. Two years, and 25,000 miles later, he peddled off the Dover ferry and into a lifelong love for Asia.

It wasn’t long before Nic was back in China leading trips, and in September 2001 after taking a group over the Khyber Pass into Afghanistan, he met Chinese guide Zhang Mei on a Beijing bus and decided to stay. For the next few years he learnt Chinese and worked for some of the most exclusive tour companies in Asia, helping to set up bespoke events and run private jet tours. He personally guided over 100 tours throughout China, Many for high profile figures such as Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, who he accompanied for his two-week stay during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

For the past 10 years Nic has researched and set up unique routes across China and has now teamed up with Wild Frontiers to help develop a new portfolio of group tours.

Travel Writer, Gill Charlton

Gill has written on travel for the Daily Telegraph for 30 years. One of her earliest trips was backpacking around China for six weeks in 1986. She has returned many times since, exploring some of China’s remote corners, both as a journalist and a tour leader.

Hosted by Wild Frontiers MD & Founder – Jonny Bealby

When: Wednesday, 21 November 2018
Where: The Frontline Club, 13 Norfolk Place, London W2 1QJ
Time: 6:30pm for 7pm presentation
Tickets: £12 (including a drink and a donation to the Wild Frontiers Foundation)


Any inquiries can be directed to marketing@wildfrontiers.co.uk


An Evening of Adventure with Wild Frontiers
Watch the video from the Royal Geographical Society in London as broadcaster Kate Humble, adventurer Richard Dunwoody and explorer Benedict Allen talk about their latest adventures in the Congo, Japan and Papua New Guinea. Raising money for the Wild Frontiers Foundation the evening was a great success providing the funds for around 250 local Congolese to go and see the gorillas that live in the Kahuzi Biega National Park.

Watch our short video of the event here.

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