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Blogging from the Wild

18 Amazing Places To Visit in Sri Lanka

With so many amazing places to visit on this island, we have put together our favourite places to visit in Sri Lanka. So let's jump into it!

17 Amazing Things To Do In Sri Lanka

If you’re planning a ‘bucket list’ holiday to Sri Lanka, we’ve handpicked some amazing things to do that provides you with a chance to see the authentic delights of this beautiful South Asian country.

Just Back From... Sri Lanka

Our Indian Subcontinent specialist, Amit, has just returned from Sri Lanka. He talks about his highlights from food and views, to experiences and accommodation.

Packing - Two Decades Later

Perhaps I’m getting slightly nostalgic as I approach my twentieth year working in the travel industry but I can’t help but contrast what I used to pack in the 90s with what found its way into my luggage for my recent trip to India & Sri Lanka. Looking back I can recall with incredible clarity the…

Spoilt for Choice: The Best Boutique Hotels in Sri Lanka

Our tailor-made specialist for the Indian Subcontinent Sunita has recently been on a recce in Sri Lanka. Below Sunita talks about some of the best boutique hotels she visited whilst travelling around this beautiful country. Sri Lanka, a small island nation, has so much to offer travellers. It is …

Carriages, Wheels, Tracks and a Memorable Journey

Our tailor-made specialist for the Indian Subcontinent Sunita is currently on a recce in Sri Lanka. Below she talks about train journeys through this wonderful country. We have all had our share of train journeys. Most journeys, with the exception of a daily work commute are looked forward to wit…

Hidden Treasures of Northern Sri Lanka

Our tailor-made specialist for the Indian Subcontinent Sunita is currently on a recce in Sri Lanka. Below she talks about exploring Jaffna and the surrounding area in northern Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is and always has been a fascinating destination. Apart from the cultural triangle, tea country and …

Sri Lanka - Onward and Upward to Adam's Peak!

The summit of Adam's Peak has the faintest imprint of a footprint of the Buddha  (or was it Adam?) -either way, and it didn't appear to be an issue of much contention - housed in a sacred of sacred temple, high above the clouds. The mountain is a major pilgrimage site for buddhists, Christians and M…

Sri Lanka - Exploring Colonial Kandy

I'm writing my blog under a Bodi Tree, in the botanical gardens in Kandy, which are completely beautiful... a bit of well needed peace and quiet after a few solid days of Buddha spotting, elephant riding, Lion Rock climbing, and ancient ruin cycling. And torrential rain. We drove through a solid mas…

now complete with 6 adventurous souls

We are here and it is all good. In fact it is great and amazing. Met up with the group today and headed out to explore the old town of Saana. One of WF stalwarts, Gloria, is on the trip. I mee her in Botswana 5 years ago when she had her first attempt at camping and erecting tents amongst wildlife i…

Johnny Paterson in Sri Lanka

It seem's like yesterday since I was last here in Sri Lanka having a wonderful time exploring it for the first time. I loved it then and it's done everything to coninue my entrancement. Last year the civil war that continued to stifle life and the economy of the north of the country was apparently c…

Johnny P in Sri Lanka

Well I’m nearing the end of my extraordinary and very happy time in Sri Lanka and it’s done everything to encourage me that it is a fabulous place for Wild Frontiers to be bringing clients.At the risk of sounding repetitive and clichéd – beautiful places, beautiful hotels and beautiful people – spir…

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