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Blogging from the Wild

A Taste of Mongolia - Naadaam Khuurshuur

Mongolian isn’t exactly known for its cuisine, but one popular snack that features at the biggest festival in Mongolia, Naadam, is a tasty deep-fried meat pastry that's easy to cook up for yourself!

The Novelty of Nothingness in Mongolia

Across the scenic steppe of Mongolia, there appears to be little else but a vast amount of emptiness, poised to be filled...

Guide and Seek: Tulga, our Man in Mongolia

Here at Wild Frontiers HQ, we were lucky to receive a visit from our friend and local guide in Mongolia, Tulga, who happened to be in London ahead of the Travel and Destinations Show and stopped by for a chat.

Just Back From: Mongolia

Sales Consultant Clem has recently returned from Mongolia on our 13 day Land of the Great Khan group tour. Below she talks about her favourite moments from the trip, including the unique experience of staying in ger camps, savouring the view from Khongor Els Sand Dunes and celebrating Mongolia's Women and Children’s Day on 1st June.

Book of the Month: The Horse Boy

Sales consultant Clem has recently returned from our Mongolia: Land of the Great Khan group tour and The Horse Boy by Rupert Isaacson was recommended her to read to before travelling to this majestic country.

A Guide to the Mongolian Ger

Sales consultant Clem has just returned from our Mongolia: Land of the Great Khan group tour, where she stayed in a number of ger camps. Below Clem gives the insider's view on what staying in a ger is really like... I approached my trip to Mongolia with some curiosity as to what staying in a ge…

Just Back From: Mongolia

Tailor-made specialist Marianne recently spent two weeks exploring Mongolia. We asked her about the highlights of her trip, from staying in ger camps to climbing sand dunes and enjoying the magnificent views over the Gobi Desert. If you'd like to visit Mongolia, take a look at our Mongolia holida…

What is Mongolia Known For?

Mongolia is a land of vast, unspoiled wilderness, for a long term known as the 'end of the earth'. A country where 30% of the population live in nomadic tribes. If you've ever wondered what Mongolia is known for, find out here.

Best Ger Camps in Mongolia

Central Asia specialist Marianne travelled around Mongolia in June. In this article she talks about her experiences in Mongolia and some of the best ger camps that she visited.

Discovering Central Mongolia

Having spent five days driving through the constantly changing, but always pretty dry desert, I was looking forward to the drive as we left Ongii Monastery – our last overnight stop in the Gobi. As we headed north the landscape gradually got greener, the hills got higher and we started driving throu…

Exploring the Gobi Desert

When you first look out across the Gobi with the sandy, scrubby desert stretching out as far as you can see, you can't imagine the number of different landscapes and experiences that are waiting for you. We had taken a train a little way south, slower than driving but a nice experience, sitting with…

Mongolian Shamans and Black Russians

This country is incredible, and we’ve just had the most amazing first week riding in northern Mongolia. There are over 3 million horses here and they’re not only a prized possession of a Mongol but the means of living and survival. Riding defines the nomadic culture and any nomad can ride as well, p…

A long day in Mongolia

I’ve definitely had a day to remember…… whilst in the ancient town of Kharkhorin, we visited the Erdene Zuu Monastery where I had my astrological signs read and it was a great relief to learn that my heart (for love), my organs and my life condition were all excellent and very strong, whilst sadly m…

The Mongolian Dash

If someone asked me to describe Mongolia in one word, the word that would spring to mind is “vast”. The landscapes are vast, the skies are vast, the statue of Chinggis Khan is vast and the food portion sizes – simply vast and delicious. I am currently doing, what I can only describe as the Mongolia…

Emma in Mongolia - Hustai National Park

We are heading through Hustai National Park to catch site of the Takhi horses; the wild horses of Mongolia. The views we have seen on this trip are simply stunning; from the wide open rolling hills, grasslands and lush valleys to the drier steppe land, rocky hills, and sand dunes. Our ger camp last …

Emma in Mongolia - Enjoying Naadam

Leaving Bulgan now, had an amazing time at the Naadam festival yesterday and today. The celebrations started the day before yesterday, with vodka being passed around the bonfire after dinner as the Irish singers in the group followed the amazing Mongolian ballads, which are started up at any opportu…

Emma - getting ready for Naadam in Mongolia

Left UB well behind us - passing street-side goat and sheep markets along the way as everyone prepares for Naadam festivities. I'm sure everyone on the trip is excited about the BBQ sheep's head; apparantly the eyes are the best bit! Left our valley ger camp facing Amarbaysgalant monastery this morn…

Richard in Mongolia - nearing the end!

At breakfast, I have good news to share with  the group. Nicky arrived safely at the hospital and went straight into the surgery, her shoulder put back under general anaesthetic. Better still, she will join us in the evening. The girls would have loved another day in the  beach camp, but they’re now…

Richard reaches Khuvsgal Lake, Mongolia

The morning comes too soon for many but my jaded band is mounted by 10.15 for the assault on the pass. We ride steadily upwards, stopping for a much needed swim in a river fuelled by snow to clear our heads at lunchtime. Tushig speaks of dangerous ascents on cliff paths, but as we crest the wide fla…

Richardin Mongolia - the hazards of horse travel

It would have been a perfect morning if two horses hadn’t escaped in the night. I think of needles and haystacks as I survey horizons grazed by herds of horses. Can Baya and his team catch the miscreants? Hours pass before it becomes  clear that  the answer is no way. We’re preparing for our ride ov…

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