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Blogging from the Wild

Mette Reflects on Her Recent Trip into Afghanistan's Wakhan Corridor

  • 4th July 2011

I am trying to finish my accounts as I have a debrief with my boss (Marc Leaderman) in the morning at 11AM. Looking into the street of Copenhagen with the recent flooding (well - all in context- nothing like mudslides in Pakistan) it all seems a bit far away although it is right in front of my bedro…

Mette in the Wakhan - Afghanistan

Hello from Afghanistan. We are in Goz Khan on the confluence of Pamir and Wakhan River in the Wakhan Corridor. Miraculously the internet works - picking up the network from Tajikistan. Tomorrow we head for a warm dip at Sargaz hot springs before ending up in Sarhad-i-Wakhan. We hope to catch a game…

Mette in the Wakhan

  • 23rd June 2011

During the last couple of days we have had sublime weather and trekked up a small part of the Hindu Kush - although we did not quite make the Pakistan Border as our need for a cup of tea became simply too great! There we met a lovely man named Mehr Ali who writes text books in the local language for…

Mette entering the Wakhan

  • 22nd June 2011

Travelling in Afghanistan presents a unique set of challenges and so far we are embracing them all! After an early arrival in Tajikistan's capital Dushanbe more than a week ago, I managed to get my shopping done with the help of some delightfully keen clients and my old friend Oriz. The market becam…

Wadi Surdud

  • 11th March 2011

We had a great day driving through the Haraz Mountains and down through Wadi Surdud. Having lunch in Mahweet we came past a small peaceful demonstration. We are now safely tucked away in a beautifully restored house in the small town of Thula. Tomorrow we continue to Sana'a where we have a goodbye d…

Mette Hiking in the Haraz Mountains

  • 10th March 2011

Today we have spent a brilliant day trekking in the Haraz Mountains. I love this part of the country and am delighted that everyone with me has been able to enjoy it as well. We are a tired bunch this evening, but this is an area of Yemen which really should be seen. The trip is winding down now and…


  • 9th March 2011

All is well here in the beautiful Haraz Mountains around Munakha. We've been able to stretch our legs again and go for some beautiful walks enjoying the scenery and meeting the ever accommodating locals.

Back in Sana'a

Despite an ill-timed bout of Malaria on my part, we had a fantastic time on the lovely island of Socotra. We're now back in Sana'a and planning our next few days. We have made the decision to avoid the long drive to Ibb and Taiz due to increaed road blocks, and will instead spend more time visiting …

Mette & the group on Socotra

Our intrepid group have just spent a relaxing and peaceful week on the island of Socotra, sometime's known as the "Galapagos of the Indian ocean". They've been doing some fabulous walks, exploring this wilderness island and taking in the breathtaking scenery. There's been ample opportunity for swimm…

Mette - Greeting from Sanaa

  • 27th February 2011

Greetings from Sanaa. I have just arrived and its great to be back. The Old City of Sanaa is, as I have always said, simply the most exotic place I have ever visited. I could spend all my time replying to emails if it is 'safe' to be in Yemen - but I would rather be sitting on the roof top of our ho…

Mette on her way to Yemen

  • 26th February 2011

Greetings from Cairo Airport where I currently sat in transit. I am on my way to Sana'a to lead two trips for Wild Frontiers and I am very much looking forward to a reunion with the excellent guide, Saed aka Mr Yes Please, and Meetaq & Ali on Socotra. My family in Denmark tried their very best in a…

Travel to Ethiopia - the Land of Love and Good Coffee. WF Clients generously donate to school project.

Easter is coming up and I am leading the Wild Frontiers trip to Ethiopia. I have been working in this country for a good 7 years now - and leading trips there always seems to put a lasting impressions on me and my fellow travellers. If you have thought about visiting Ethiopia - I would like to encou…

Village Timkat Ethiopia - Mette buys an Ox

Over the last couple of years we have been celebrating Timkat in Ethiopia with the help of our friends at Tesfa, avoiding the tourist crowds by walking to a village and staying with them for a couple of nights. Mette, one of our Tour Leaders, has just reported back and it sounds like this Timkat was…

Mette in Yemen

  • 20th October 2010

Happy faces all around Yemen who never fails to amaze. The mere fact at being here during their days of misconceptions and bad press about this beautiful country, is the highlight of the entire trip. Walking along terressed land in the mountains, drinking sweet coffee and being hosted by outstanding…

Mette in Ethiopia - School visit and Donga stick fighting in Koka

It has been fantastic to return to Koka, a small village in the Suri region of South West Ethiopia. Dave and I visited a school here back in May and now myself and the group have been able to visit  the school bringing supplies such as books, pens, blankets, plates and cooking equipment, it was a gr…

Mette in Tajikistan - stunned by the beauty of Gorno Badakshan

I am stunned by the beauty of the Gorno Badakshan (GBAO) region of Tajikistan. The entire country in itself is an unspoiled gem for travellers, fully equiptted with unexplored alleys, friendly folks, unique cultures and mind blowing mountain scenery in the Pamirs. The main attraction of the Wakhan P…

Mette in Afghanistan - sharing cake with the Commander

We have been delayed in Qala Panj due to a broken spring on one of the vehicles, so have spent our time drinking tea, eating chips and madeira cake with the police commander of the Wakhan. The main point of travelling here is far beyond being one of the few first. The hospitality of the people is am…

Mette in Afghanistan stops for a game of buzkazi

We are having a game of buzkazi this afternoon on the banks of the Panj River. Just went to have our passports checked by a policeman who spent 2 months in a refugee camp in Calais. It's such a blast. I just feel so lucky to the chance to be here in this unique part of the world where tourism and co…

Mette - half way up the Wakhan

With my Wild Frontiers hat on I have run some interesting trips before, but I now think I have hit the most challenging. The Wakhan Corridor is a heavenly place, with fantastic people and otherworldly landscapes, but infrastructure is non-existent, most of the equipment left behind by WF's trip last…

Mette - closing in on Afghanistan

Oriz our lovely Tajik guide arranged for us to watch Germany Argentina, and found beer for us too! That was all after a wonderful, long walk in the surrounds of Siponji, where we milked a goat, met the local guitar maker and enjoyed an epic sunset. Would write more but can't get the sat phone to lin…

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