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Blogging from the Wild

Reflecting on Afghanistan trip

Sitting here in a Delhi Hotel room. Afghanistan seems, having only left Kabul this morning, already a world away. We followed our visit to the beautiful and enigmatic Panshir Valley where Massoud's legend and spiritual legacy are strong, with what many of us have felt was the highlight of the trip …

Exploring Afghanistan

Well incredibly the trip is half way through. I don't know where the time has flown, but that does tend to be the way of trips like this when you are packing so much in. The group all arrived safely last Saturday and managed to negotiate the airport loos without incident (see last blog) before reac…

Afghanistan - Johnny P. Arrives in Kabul.

I quickly made a fool of myself within half an hour of touching down in Kabul. When I arrived in the baggage reclaim hall rather desperate for the loo I dived straight in to the lady's by mistake. Luckily there was no one in there. It didn't occur to me that the lack of urinals wasn't just a curious…

Johnny in Kashmir - Relaxing on Dal Lake Houseboats

  • 21st July 2011

This evening I'm in a hot and sticky internet office on the shores of Dal Lake in Srinagar with the traffic hooting and beeping outside and the fan whirring noisily on the ceiling. The sun is an hour from setting and through the window I can pick out the Shikaras (paddled lake water taxis) gliding e…

Johnny in Northern India - Quiet Buddhist Villages to Bustling Islamic Towns

  • 19th July 2011

We've spent the last two nights at over 4000 metres in a wild and wonderful valley towards Zanskar. The snow capped mountains provide a stunning backdrop to the local Ladakhi scene and we were greeted with dancing and refreshments at a charming little village close to the monastery of Rangdum. Our c…

Johnny in the Nubra Valley of Ladakh - en route to Kashmir

  • 18th July 2011

It’s just 6.30 am in the Nubra Valley here in the northern border areas of Ladakh and I can hear the sound of gentle chat from the kitchen where our tea and breakfast are being prepared. The morning light is already strong and bright on the desolate mountainside across the valley from the camp but h…

Johnny in Delhi - Preparing for the High Road to Kashmir

  • 8th July 2011

Well I’m back in Delhi once more. I seem to be drawn back here by fate again and again … and never a dull moment…always something new to discover and always the same old pleasures. Some of my favourites: Taking an auto rickshaw – the whole experience from negotiating the fee and swinging into the se…

Johnny Paterson reports on the Indian guide training week

I've just arrived back in Delhi after an extraordinary three days facilitating our guide selection and training event at Castle Bijaipur. I realised as I arrive at the castle gate, which by now is a familiar place to be and a bit like coming home, that I hadn't been for over 18 months. The co founde…

Johnny Paterson and the New Delhi Office

I arrived in Delhi last night on a short trip to inaugurate our new Delhi office and to conduct a three day training and selection programme for our Indian leaders. Mercifully it rained yesterday so that the threatened 45 degree heat and super humidity have plummeted and Delhi is remarkably fresh an…

Johnny Paterson in Sri Lanka

It seem's like yesterday since I was last here in Sri Lanka having a wonderful time exploring it for the first time. I loved it then and it's done everything to coninue my entrancement. Last year the civil war that continued to stifle life and the economy of the north of the country was apparently c…

Johnny heads back to Goa

I'm here in Goa with friends, for the first time in over 15 years (which is rather scary). Needless to say it has changed a great deal, though to be honest it was so long ago and such a short trip it's more like coming to a new place now than a re-visit. I'm taking the opportunity while on my holida…

Johnny P in Bhutan

  • 21st December 2009

We arrived in Paro this morning after a wonderful and spectacular flight along the Eastern Himalayas... Annapurnas, Langtang, Everest, Lhotse, Makalu and Kachenjunga before dropping down into a deep valley for the spectacular landing in Bhutan. Really this trip is worth doing just for that flight al…

Last night on the Dunes

  • 25th November 2009

Today, we retraced our camel’s steps in 4x4s. We left Fachi this morning and managed 155 miles in 11 hours, battling our way through the dunes of Tenere. We have made camp in the dunes, and should reach Agadez for lunch tomorrow. This will be our last night under the stars and with our wonderful tea…

A night in the Oasis

  • 24th November 2009

Today, we enjoyed the tranquil, green fish pools in Bilma, and even more so, finding an old fridge in the market, which contained ice-cold coke. After preparing the vehicles for the run back across the Tenere, we are set up for a peaceful night camped in the oasis, hopefully not disturbed by braying…

Au revoir camels!

  • 23rd November 2009

Finally, arrived in Bilma where the police are troublesome. All is well though, and en-route to Agadez tomorrow. Have said goodbye to our camels and looking forward to a shower and a cold beer!

Johnny Paterson enjoying life in Kashmir

I arrived yesterday back in the heavenly Srinagar fresh from some of the most beatiful trekking in the world here in the Kashmiri Himalaya with our "Wild Walk in the Himalayas" group. The mountains have been magnificent, the flowers and birds enchanting and the local shepherds or bagarwal - the only…

Johnny P returns to Srinagar after wild walk in Kashmir

All in Srinagar, enjoying lazy days drifting on the lake after great trek. Almost lost my dignity on wet log crossing raging torrent but all else sublime. We really must do more here. Mobile signal erratic, more later...

Johnny Paterson back in Delhi before heading up to Kashmir

I arrived in Delhi a few days ago and I have been soaking up the 30 degree heat, 90% humidity and wonderfully familiar atmosphere while getting over shocking jetlag and catching up with old friends. I have been spoiled at the wonderful old Claridges hotel and with a visit to the Delhi Gymkhana club.…

Johnny P in Sri Lanka

Well I’m nearing the end of my extraordinary and very happy time in Sri Lanka and it’s done everything to encourage me that it is a fabulous place for Wild Frontiers to be bringing clients.At the risk of sounding repetitive and clichéd – beautiful places, beautiful hotels and beautiful people – spir…

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