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Walking in Madagascar

One of the most interesting aspects of travelling around Madagascar is enjoying the dramatic landscapes the country has to offer. With magmatic volcanic rock predominant in the north, granite running down the centre and east and limestone prevalent in the southwest, the country is a veritable cornucopia of differing topographies, all of which offer wonderful walking locations.

Your month-by-month travel planner

  • 5th January 2018

Happy New Year from everyone at Wild Frontiers! The start of a new year is a great time to plan your travel for the year ahead, but the hardest part can often be choosing a destination. To help you we’ve put together a travel calendar featuring some of our favourite places for each month of the year.

Which India tour is right for you?

India is a vast and varied country with much to experience, which is why many travellers keep returning time and time again. From the frenetic cities of Delhi and Kolkata to the rural idyll of village India, the beaches of Goa to the mountains of Kashmir, tribal communities, religious ceremonies and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, there’s something to appeal whatever you interests. However, with so much to see and do, it can be difficult to decide which area to focus on and which sights to visit. To help you choose the perfect India tour, we’ve put together a guide to some of our most popular trips.

Christmas in Madagascar

If you are going to be away for Christmas you might as well do something completely different, this year we certainly did that. As per the French tradition celebrations started on Christmas Eve. Staying at a lovely lodge right on the beach, we had a special dinner of lobster and turkey washed down with champagne. We pulled crackers we had brought from the UK and wore silly paper hats. Sitting on a terrace overlooking the Indian Ocean was pretty memorable but it was Christmas Day that was really special.

Christmas in Bhutan Continued

Even for non-birdwatchers seeing numerous Black Necked Cranes on our hike in the Phobjika Valley was an exciting experience. We watched their graceful flight overhead and they graciously posed for us as they foraged on the frosty ground. They migrate to this valley in Bhutan every winter.

Madagascar - First Impressions

Travelling in any new country is exciting and arriving into Madagascar was no exception. That said, my first observations of the world’s fourth largest island were somewhat confused. In some ways this intriguing country is totally African but in others it is very much Asian. The red earth, the brightly painted shops that line the streets and the flowering flame trees are unmistakably Africa but the terraced paddy fields, the bullock carts, the auto-rickshaws and the people, most of whom are descended from intrepid Malay boatpeople that started to arrive here two thousand years ago, all put you in mind of Asia.

Christmas in Bhutan with Wild Frontiers

We meet in Delhi: nine travellers arrive from different countries and of various ages and professions, all with the common desire to experience Bhutan. For me a long-held interest in Buddhist culture and love of remote mountainous terrain has led to a yearning to come here – but will it live up to expectations?

Yasmin Khan’s Persian Love Cake Recipe

  • 21st December 2017

Yasmin Khan, cook, food writer and now Wild Frontiers collaborator, shares her recipe for Persian love cake from the The Saffron Tales.

Film Locations Around the World

  • 19th December 2017

Some of the team at Wild Frontiers excitedly headed to the cinema on Friday for the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and recognised one of Latin America’s most distinctive locations, the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia, as the setting for the newly discovered planet Crait. This got us talking in the office about other famous film locations around the world, here are some of the most interesting that we visit.

New Tour: The Saffron Tales – An Iran Food & Culture Tour with Yasmin Khan & Jonny Bealby

Whilst Iran is well-known for its intricate Islamic architecture, turquoise-domed mosques and ancient sites such as Persepolis, its cuisine is a lesser-known delight. Looking to change that is food writer and cook Yasmin Khan and we are delighted that Yasmin will be leading a tour focusing on Iran’s food and culture in 2018.

Wedding Season in Rajasthan

It's the wedding season here in Rajasthan. And that is both a blessing and a curse.

India’s Strangest Temple

Amar Grover visits Deshnok in Rajasthan…..

Experiencing the Spirit of Laos

Mark Steadman describes his travels while leading our Laos Unlocked tour, and shares his thoughts on the development that is beginning to change the country.

Wild Frontiers’ Favourite Books of 2017

  • 5th December 2017

Books and holidays go hand in hand, whether you’ve got hours to kill on the plane, in the back of the 4WD, or relaxing by the pool. Here at Wild Frontiers, we think travel experiences can really be enhanced by the right book, and a novel set in the country you’re travelling through can give an insight into the history, culture and traditions of the local people. Here is a selection of our favourite books from 2017, all set in some of our destinations.

Loos with a View Competition

  • 4th December 2017

Congratulations to Ken Norman who won our inaugural “Loo with a view” competition. Ken took a photo of this rather windswept WC on a Wild Frontiers trip in Tajikistan, and wins a Kindle for his troubles. Read on to view a few more of our favourite dunnys around the world.

Tour in Focus – Oman Desert Adventure

Our Tour in Focus blogs take an in-depth look at our most popular trips, looking at what makes them unique and answering anything you might need to know. Oman is one of our favourite destinations in the Middle East, and our Oman Desert Adventure tour is one of our bestselling trips in the area. Here we cover some of the most frequently asked questions about the tour, as well as sharing the opinions of some of our clients.

The Andaman Islands

Few things get the world’s travel press excited like the opening of a smart, new hotel in an exotic paradise where previously there were none. When the Taj Group announced that is was going to open a new property on the Andaman Islands, journalists were abuzz; at least three contacted me asking if we’d be able to offer them a trip. With great publicity guaranteed, I thought I’d better go and see for myself what all the fuss was about… a tough job as they say, but someone has to do it.

Kolkata: City of Joy, City of Life

Kolkata is a city on the move. And this time in the right direction.

Friendliest People in the World? The Iranian People

  • 28th November 2017

I had heard a few things about Iran before I began my journey. I heard that the country is beautiful, it has rich history, the architecture is second to none, and that the people were quite possibly the friendliest people in the world.

Five reasons to visit Oman

We think that the Middle Eastern country of Oman has something to offer everyone, from those looking for a luxury stay to those wanting to get off the beaten track, and from culture vultures to adrenaline junkies. Here are our top five reasons to visit...

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