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Horse Games in Kyrgyzstan

Hilary describes the incredible horsemanship of nomads in Kyrgyzstan as she leads our Silk Road: Kyrgyzstan & Uzbekistan - Wild Mountains, Fabled Towns trip.

A Day in the Life of Viscri, Romania

Carly explains everyday life in the idyllic village of Viscri in rural Romania - from ancient churches and handmade wares, to fields of cows and rolling hills.

Unexpected Culinary Delights of Romania

Carly has just returned from leading our Walking in Romania: Along the Enchanted Way tour - here she talks to us about the unexpected culinary delights of Romania.

Staying at Castle Bijaipur

Jonny Bealby first discovered Castle Bijaipur back in 2002. Since then he have been back countless times and it’s fair to say it’s one of his favourite places to stay in India.

An Insider's City Guide to Santiago, Chile

Having lived in Santiago since 2012, Helen is perfectly placed to give us an insider's look at one of South America's most underrated cities. We talk everything including what to see, what to do and where to eat.

An Insider's Guide to Lima, Peru

Expat blogger Amy Brown gives us insider tips about what to see and do in Lima, Peru

Off Road Villages in Tusheti

We encountered many beautiful and remote villages on horseback during our stay in this magical place.

Horse Heaven in Georgia - Ride the Caucasus

After drinking some homemade thyme tea we set off on another excursion on horseback towards a glacier lake 2300m above sea level in the next valley offering panoramic views of Tusheti.

Entering Tusheti National Park

Tour leader Cally Savage has just returned from leading our Ride the Caucasus horse trek in Georgia. Below Cally recounts her first impressions of the majestic Tusheti region...

Shotgun Weddings & Stunning Scenery: From Ishkashim to Sarhad

The excitement we felt on our first sight of Afghanistan was palpable. Arriving at the small town of Kalaikhum in Tajikistan we gazed across the fast-flowing Panj River to the Afghanistan shore opposite and the rugged mountains that rose above; so near and still yet so far.

How well do you know Pakistan? Take our quiz!

As Pakistan celebrates its 70th birthday, take our quiz to find out how much you know about the country.

How well do you know India? Take our quiz!

As India celebrates its 70th anniversary of independence, take our quiz to find out how much you know about the country.

The Man In The Bowler Hat (Belgrade)

Peter Heywood arrived in Belgrade a day before the start of our Into The Balkans group trip. Below he recounts his time exploring Serbia's capital Belgrade.

Meet our New Indian Subcontinent Expert - Amit

A great addition to the team, our new Indian subcontinent specialist Amit knows the region in-depth, having been born in Nepal and travelled all over India and its neighbouring lands. Below Amit answers a few questions about India, including his favourite national park, next on must-see list and funniest 'only in India' moment...

Coffee In The Electric City (Sarajevo)

Wild Frontiers client Peter Heywood recently returned from our Into the Balkans trip and discusses visiting Sarajevo.

Reflections on India at 70

As India celebrates 70 years of independence WF MD Jonny Bealby reflects on how the country has changed over the past few decades…

The Best Countries to See the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are one of the most thrilling and unique experiences you can have, and watching the multi-coloured lights illuminate the arctic sky is something many travellers would love to experience. But which are the best countries to see the Northern Lights? Here at Wild Frontiers we offer trips that allow you to watch the phenomena from the best places possible – Norway, Finland and Sweden.

New UNESCO Sites and How To Visit Them

  • 3rd August 2017

This summer the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) have added 21 new places to their list of prestigious World Heritage Sites. The new sites range from the Lake District in the UK to Kujataa Greenland. Of these 21 new places we currently offer trips to six of them.

Meet our Africa Expert - Peter

Africa specialist Peter joined WF in 2016 and knows the continent inside out having travelled there regularly. Below Peter answers a few questions about the region, including his favourite lodge, tips for travellers and funniest safari moment...

Guide to Travelling in Pakistan

Visiting Pakistan is one of the most rewarding adventure travel experiences you can have. The country has had its up and downs recently so understandably many people have concerns about visiting. Wild Frontiers has been offering tours to this wonderful country for 15 years. Here we offer some practical tips and try to answer any concerns people may have about visiting Pakistan.

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