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Blogging from the Wild

Enlightenment at Fairy Meadows

WF traveller Peter Heywood visited Fairy Meadows on the Karakoram Adventure tour in June 2018.

Riding in the Caucasus

While leading our Ride the Caucasus tour, Carly describes her time in the pristine landscapes and the hospitality of the locals.

Exploring the Pamir Highway and Wakhan Corridor pt.2

Following on from his first blog, Charlie Walker leads his group across the Tajik-Afghan border into the famous Wakhan Corridor.

Exploring the Pamir Highway and Wakhan Corridor pt.1

Charlie Walker leads his group through the wild borderlands of Tajikistan as they prepare for their crossing into Afghanistan's Wakhan Corridor.

Why we travel

  • 9th August 2018

The tragic events in Tajikistan last week, where American round-the-world cyclists Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan were run down by terrorists claiming allegiance to so-called Islamic State, has got me thinking. Although it may sound surprising, I don’t find Jay and Lauren’s travels particularly unusual. But their tragic end, I did.

Indian Cuisine Q&A with Romy Gill

Renowned chef and restaurant owner, Romy Gill, discusses her love of India's mouthwatering cuisine, its impact on her life and Indian culture. Plus she talks about her excitement about leading her upcoming Taste of India tour with Wild Frontiers

Astana - A City of the Steppe

WF client, Peter Heywood, describes his visit to magnificently bizarre city of Astana , the capital of Kazakhstan.

Escaping to Rural Macedonia on Foot

Marc recently visited Macedonia on a recce trip and describes his visit to the town of Galicnik, which only has two permanent residents, and his walk through the area's stunning scenery.

Best Silk Road Tours

  • 25th July 2018

A massive ancient trade route whose very name evokes images of camel and donkey trains, exotic spices, lustrous silks and other faraway goods traveling across Asia to Europe. Here's a list of the best silk road tours to explore the route.

17 Photos That Show Why Georgia is Europe's Hottest Destination in 2018

A selection of 17 amazing photos of Georgia - Europe's hottest travel destination in 2018.

Walking in Northern Albania

Tour Leader Max Wood discusses his recent recce trip to the Accursed Mountains in Northern Albania - from unpredictable weather to stunning views.

Exploring Timeless Srinagar

WF's Ruby-Tiger has recently been retracing her parents' footsteps in Srinagar, the capital of the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir.

Book of the Month: Tasting Georgia

Carla Capalbo’s Tasting Georgia recently won the Guild of Food Writers Food & Travel Award for best food book Tasting Georgia. We thought it was time we reviewed the book.

The Sights and Flavours of Iran

Iranian food writer, Simi, led Wild Frontiers' culinary tour of Iran earlier this year - here she recaps on her trip through the sights and flavours of Iran.

Six of the Best: Canyons

  • 4th July 2018

Canyons provide us with some of the world’s great natural scenes, from the rugged and awe-inspiring to colourful and picturesque. Join us as we take a look at six of our favourites from around the world.

Just Back From... Siberia

Anna has recently returned from a recce in the wild Altai Mountains of Siberia, a land of stunning natural beauty and ancient traditions. She talks us through some of her highlights including a chance encounter with an animal that many scientists and local believed was extinct, or even mythical.

How to travel the Silk Road

The Silk Road is one of the world’s most famous and evocative routes. Named after the trade which sprang up in response to the demand for Chinese silk, its origins can be traced back over 3000 years.

Just Back From... Georgia

Natalie has recently returned from her trip to Georgia, where she avoided the tourists and headed out into the scenic beauty of the country's mountains and hills. Here she talks about her favourite experiences, views and moments.

The Nubra Valley and the World's Best Views

The journey to the Nubra Valley in Ladakh, along the highest road in the world accessible to vehicles, is a fascinating experience - if a little chaotic at times.

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