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Blogging from the Wild

Bread in Central Asian Cuisine

Bread is an essential part of Central Asian cuisine, it's present at every meal and has been made the same way for centuries.

A Day in Koyasan

Tour leader Max Wood spends a day exploring Koyasan.

When is the Best Time to Visit the Galapagos?

  • 7th December 2018

We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a definitive list of the best times to visit the Galapagos Islands depending on what wildlife you would like to see.

The Corridor of Peace for Sikhs in India & Pakistan

Jane reports on her visit to Pakistan and the recent announcement on the opening of a 'Corridor of Peace' between India and Pakistan.

Just Back From... Uzbekistan

Josh recently had the opportunity to visit Uzbekistan, taking in the Silk Road cities of Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand as well as its modern capital of Tashkent. In this blog he describes his highlights, tips and favourite moments.

Just Back From... Rajasthan

  • 3rd December 2018

WF client support manager, Sarah, reflects on her favourite moments exploring India with our Rajasthan: Taj, Temples & Tigers tour.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Ecuador

  • 29th November 2018

Who knew Ecuador had so many tricks up its sleeve?

Best Cultural Tours in India

  • 26th November 2018

India is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. The name evokes visions of lonely mountains, lush rainforests, exotic creatures and more. Spice markets, vast gardens, elephants and peaceful monasteries are all staples of this culture-rich subcontinent.

Just Back From... Jordan

  • 26th November 2018

Our very own Middle East Expert, Jamie, recounts his favourite moments from his recce to Jordan.

A Year in Review: 2018

  • 23rd November 2018

We take a moment to reflect on another year at Wild Frontiers

Just Back From... Chinese Silk Road

WF's Sara reports back from her recent time on our Chinese Taklamakan Adventure tour, describing her best bits and her tips to anyone following in her footsteps.

I, Ashurbanipal

Wild Frontiers' Michael recently visited the British Museum's new blockbuster exhibition on the Assyrian Empire and gives us his thoughts on the sprawling new show.

Visiting Aurangabad

In his last post from India, Jonny describes the incredible cave temple complexes at Ajanta and Ellora, and a great alternative to the Taj Mahal.

Yoga with Nomads at Son Kul in Kyrgyzstan

Antonia describes her time at Son Kul Lake in Kyrgyzstan - an area of breathtaking natural beauty.

Where's Hot in 2019?

  • 12th November 2018

At Wild Frontiers we always like to stay one step ahead of things, and each year we look ahead to where we think the big travel destinations are going to be. Here our experts gaze into our crystal ball and tell us where is going to be hot in 2019.

World Nomad Games 2018 - Opening Ceremony

WF tour leader, Antonia, describes the excitement and spectacle of the opening ceremony of the World Nomad Games 2018, which took place in Kyrgyzstan earlier this year.

Discovering Shipton's Arch

Sara describes her visit to the largest naturally formed arch in the world near the Chinese city of Kashgar.

Return to Xiahe, Gansu

WF's Sara recounts her first visit to the town of Xiahe 17 years ago, and describes the changes she found when she visited again while travelling with our Chinese Silk Road Taklamakan Adventure tour.

A Short Stay in Burhanpur

Jonny describes his visit to the town of Burhanpur, an intriguing place boasting an impressive Mughal palace and countless temples and mosques.

Visiting the Antarctic in Style on the Hebridean Sky

WF's Meike recently went aboard and inspected the Hebridean Sky, an Antarctic research and cruise ship. In this blog she describes her first impressions of this amazing ship.

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