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Wild Camping Sites - 6 Beautiful Locations

  • 17th November 2017

For us, wild camping offers a rare and desirable opportunity to enjoy the breath-taking beauty of a place away from the trappings of modern life. To pitch a tent in the wilderness and spend the night with nature is one of the best ways to truly experience a destination, as night-time falls with just the stars for company. Below we take a look at some of our favourite wild camping sites, from the rim of an Ethiopian volcano to the surreal landscapes of the Aral Sea.

Q & A: Visiting Oman

Oman is one of our favourite Middle Eastern destinations to visit, a peaceful modern Arabic country with vast expanses of desert, dramatic fjords and an exciting capital city which blends traditional Arabic and Islamic styles. An excellent choice for a winter sun holiday, Oman also boasts a whole range of adventure activities and plenty of opportunities for a trip into the unknown. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from clients booking tours in Oman.

Laos Unlocked

Wild Frontiers traveller William Alexander recently visited Laos with Wanderlust World Guide Of The Year Mark Steadman. Here he talks about trekking to a cave in remote Laos.

My return to Jordan

Having spent many months working in Jordan and also many months travelling and visiting over the years for pleasure I was more than happy to lead again in one of my favourite regions in the world.

A Desert Oasis in Jordan

Arriving after a long, satisfying walk through part of the iconic Jordan Trail from Dana to Feynan we arrived at our desert eco lodge for the night. Set in perfect keeping with the desert surroundings, it appeared like a mirage, almost camouflaged by the rocks.

Best Horseback Riding Vacation Destinations

  • 6th November 2017

Traveling on horseback is one of the best ways to travel. Being outside, exposed to the elements, and on the back of a wild animal, gives you a whole different perspective on your surroundings. It’s often tough to choose the ideal location for horse trekking, so we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite destinations.

Pakistani Roads: Reflections from the Hindu Kush

“Hehehe Pakistan roads” chuckles Nazeer as he slaps his palm on the weathered dash of our open-top Jeep. We are careening down a single-lane dirt road in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa: the northwest province of Pakistan, formerly known as the Northwest Frontier. To the west is the Afghan border, the tribal areas alongside Punjab lie to the south, and Gilgit-Baltistan beckons from the east. We are amidst the confluence of the three highest mountain ranges in the world - where Mother Nature’s power can be seen in its true, raw glory.

The Lao people at work

Subsistence farming provides 80 percent of employment in Laos. Rice dominates agriculture, with about 80 percent of the arable land area used for growing rice. So this sets the scene for much of what we saw during our travels. We journeyed through Laos from Luang Prabang in the north to Khone Island in the south, often meandering alongside the mighty Mekong River, and saw the people of Laos working and living through a wide range of activities.

Gorilla Trekking with Kate Humble in the Democratic Republic of Congo

In his second post from the heart of Africa, Jonny and Kate Humble are searching for lowland gorillas in the DRC.

Chimp Trekking in Rwanda with Kate Humble

WF's founder, Jonny Bealby, is travelling through Rwanda, the heart of Africa, searching for chimps and gorillas with Kate Humble. In his first blog he talks of their search for chimps in Nyungwe Forest.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Gujarat

Gujarat is vastly underrated and it's a mystery to us why the region isn’t more well-known as a tourist destination. It has a plethora of temples and palaces, some of the world’s best textiles, and the surreal landscapes and wildlife of the Rann of Kutch.

Five Reasons to Visit Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a country rich in history, culture and nature. It is home to the Queen of Sheba’s palace, ancient rock-hewn churches and perhaps even the Ark of the Covenant itself. It was difficult to only pick five reasons why you need to visit Ethiopia but here they are…

A to Z of Ethiopia

Here's our A to Z of Ethiopia, one of Africa's undiscovered gems.

Five Reasons to Visit Sudan

Sudan has a long history and rich cultural heritage, from whirling dervishes, nomadic tribes to ancient pyramids, here are five reasons to visit...

Trekking Japan's Kumano Kodo

Follow in the footsteps of Japanese Emperors on the Kumano Kodo (or Emperor's Trail), an ancient route through Japan's mist shrouded mountains and wooded valleys where isolated shrines dot the countryside.

Support the DEC Appeal for the Rohingya Crisis

  • 18th October 2017

Hundreds of thousands of people have fled the violence in Rakhine State, Myanmar, to seek refuge in Bangladesh in recent weeks. There are now more than half a million people, mostly women and children, in urgent need of food, shelter, medical care and water. Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries on earth, and after the worst rains in 20 years, is struggling to cope with this influx of refugees. The country has kept its borders open, offering safety and shelter to fleeing families, with amazing generosity being shown by local villages and communities. However the refugees are fully dependent on humanitarian assistance for basic needs such as food and water.

Abyaneh - The Ancient Persian Red Village of Iran

  • 17th October 2017

The tiny village of Abyaneh however has held out for over a thousand years at this point, making it one of the oldest cities to be found in Iran. Locations that have been around as long as that end up collecting more than a few fascinating historical connections and Abyaneh is no exception to that.

Ethiopian Cultural Food

Ethiopian Cultural Food is characterized by the ritual of breaking "injera" and sharing food from a common plate, signifying the bonds of loyalty and friendship. The traditional way of eating is with fingers. "Injera" is placed on the plate with variety of dishes decoratively arranged around it.

My Return to Yazd, Iran

Carly, currently leading our Iran Unveiled tour, describes her return to the ancient Iranian city of Yazd

Witnessing Muharram in Tehran

Carly continues her journey in Iran, this time she describes the passionate celebration of Muharram, one of Islam's holiest months, in the capital of Tehran.

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