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Meet our Africa Expert - Peter

Africa specialist Peter joined WF in 2016 and knows the continent inside out having travelled there regularly. Below Peter answers a few questions about the region, including his favourite lodge, tips for travellers and funniest safari moment...

Just Back From: Georgia

Junior Operations Manager Ruby-Tiger has recently returned from Georgia on our 9 day Land of Myths & Mountains group tour. Below she talks about her favourite moments from the trip, including hiking to reach Gergeti Trinity Church in Kazbegi, sampling traditional Georgian dishes and her top tips for travellers...

Culinary Delights in Uzbekistan

Tour leader Carly Fillis recently led our Cities of the Silk Road group tour. Below she talks about how the food and abundance of fresh produce in Uzbekistan was surprisingly different to her expectations...

Just Back From: Mongolia

Sales Consultant Clem has recently returned from Mongolia on our 13 day Land of the Great Khan group tour. Below she talks about her favourite moments from the trip, including the unique experience of staying in ger camps, savouring the view from Khongor Els Sand Dunes and celebrating Mongolia's Women and Children’s Day on 1st June.

Exploring Hampi

Journalist Amar Grover re-visits an old favourite...

15 Years of Wild Frontiers

  • 18th July 2017

In 2017 Wild Frontiers celebrates its 15th anniversary. It's been a fascinating ride in the world of adventure travel, and below we have put together 15 facts for our 15th birthday.

Book of the Month: The Horse Boy

Sales consultant Clem has recently returned from our Mongolia: Land of the Great Khan group tour and The Horse Boy by Rupert Isaacson was recommended her to read to before travelling to this majestic country.

The Lowdown on our New Eastern Iran Tour

Tour leader Neil Thwaites recently went on a recce trip around eastern Iran, ahead of the launch of our new group tour to the region in 2018. Below he answers a few questions about what visitors to this lesser visited area of Iran should expect, from newly renovated Bam Citadel to spending the night in a cave...

Why Travel Alone

  • 17th July 2017

Friends are one of the most common roadblocks which prevent many from travelling. It is often thought that travelling must be done with a group dynamic in order to get the most from it. While that is true in many situations, that doesn’t mean the group has to come from one’s own pool of companions. There are many advantages to travelling alone and joining up with a group later along the way.

From Sea to Sea and Safely Back Again

Tour Leader Jude Holliday recently returned from our North Caucasus tour, which takes in what was once the most destroyed city on earth as well as the most dangerous place in Europe, but have things changed?

FCO Lifts Travel Bans in Ethiopia and Kenya

We're delighted to say that the FCO have lifted their travel restrictions for the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia and Lamu Island in Kenya.

Visiting the USA with an Iran, Iraq, Syria or Sudan stamp in your passport

Find out how to go about acquiring a US visa if you have an Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Syria or Sudan stamp.

What to wear in Iran

Once of our most frequently asked questions for visitors to Iran is what to wear, so we've put together this handy guide for women and men to know before you go.

6 of the Best: Hotels with Mountain Views

  • 5th July 2017

Mountain scenery offers some of the best possible vistas anywhere in the world. We’ve gone one better and chosen our favourite hotels to stay in, where you can not only get a great night’s sleep in a special location, but also wake up to some of the most spellbinding scenery on earth, from the breat…

Six Reasons to Visit Myanmar

Magical Myanmar (Burma) offers so many varied highlights for the adventure traveller, from the temples and pagodas dotted throughout the country to the remote tribes, rivers and trekking opportunities ever present in its endless array of natural landscapes. Below our South East Asia specialist Natha…

An Insider's Guide to Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

Read our insider's guide to Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) one of Asia's most beguiling countries and one of its last wild frontiers.

Trekking the Old Emperor's Trail

  • 3rd July 2017

South East Asia specialist Nathan has just returned from a recce trip around Japan, where he spent a few days trekking the Kumano Kodo trail in the footsteps of ancient emperors...   Typical thoughts that are conjured up when thinking about Japan include Samurai Warriors, Geisha ladies and beaut…

Tour in Focus: Myanmar (Burma) – Road to Mandalay

Our Tour in Focus blogs take an in-depth look at our best and most popular trips, highlighting what makes them unique and answering anything you may like to know. Often called the Land of Golden Pagodas, Myanmar offers colonial grandeur and timeless elegance. Our two week Road to Mandalay group t…

Sea, Spirits and Sporadic Sunshine in the North Caucasus

Tour leader Jude Holliday recently led our recce group tour to the North Caucasus. Below Jude reflects on a true adventure involving picnics in the heart of the mountains, Jeremy Corbyn making front page news and the discovery of a boulder blocking the road mere kilometres from the next hotel...   …

An Encounter with Turkmenistan's Heavenly Horses

Tour leader Carly Fillis has just returned from leading our Cities of the Silk Road group tour to Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Below Carly reflects on getting up close and personal with Turkmenistan's iconic horses...   We arrived at the Akhal-Teke stud farm late in the morning. As a horse rider…

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