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World's First 'Selfie' Discovered in Remote Cave in Ethiopia

31st March 2014

Wild Frontiers Offering Holidays to See the Amazing Discovery

New ancient rock art has been discovered in a remote cave in southern Ethiopia. The prehistoric artwork depicts three cavemen looking at the cave wall canvas, and has been dated by experts to be 20,000 years old, making it the world's first known 'selfie'.

Anthropologists have put forward the theory the cavemen may have returned fresh from a successful woolly mammoth hunt and wanted to capture the moment for posterity. According to Head of Marketing Michael Pullman, 'This seems to show that our ancient ancestors were more self-aware than first thought, and that the narcissistic need to document the successes in one's life is not a new phenomenon. If you look closely below the painting, you can even see a few handprints, which could represent a prehistoric version of Facebook 'likes'.'

Wild Frontiers is offering holidays to Ethiopia to see the ancient cave painting, which is located in the tribal Omo Valley region. According to Wild Frontiers founder Jonny Bealby 'This discovery has us very excited at Wild Frontiers. For us it ranks alongside the discovery of the world's first bitcoin in the highlands of northern Peru earlier this year.'

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Michael Pullman

Michael became interested in travel at a young age, when his father would come home with souvenirs and tales from work trips to exotic sounding destin…

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