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Tom in Peru with teenage group.

2nd August 2009

Adventuring? Well not in the true Wildfrontiers style and certainly not if you've read Marc and Ade's stories of just getting to their destination. All the best to you guys out in the Wakhan. So I'm now mid way through my month expedition to Peru and the group of teenage girls leading me along are doing me proud. We completed the amazing Santa Cruz trek in style, some in better shape that others due to the 4700m pass we had to trek over, but all succeeding in doing so. Following the trek we have just spent 5 days at our project, continuing from another group who had started building some toilets for a local school. They had laid the foundations for the school and then we had to come in and put the toilets, sinks and relevant pipes in, as well as begin to build the walls around them. We left the project well moved forward but still incomplete, with the final sections to be completed by the locals. Still, well on the way to a new set of western style toilets that will dramatically improve the level of hygiene for the children when at the school. While there, we were treated to a feast of the local delicacy - guinea pig. They brought a bag of the cute little squeeking things and then killed and spit roasted them in front of us. It was entertaining to see my job description involve filleting and disecting the roasted 'rat' like creatures for the girls to devour. Our project campsite was also beautifully located on a hillock, with maximum daily sunshine and the imposing scene of two 6000m+ mountain peaks - including Peru's highest - glistening in pink as the sun set like Rakaposhi in Pakistan's Karakoram region. We are back in civilisation (unfortunately) in Huarez and tonight head north for 2 weeks of exploring ancient ruins and amazonian jungle towns. Until next time, safe passage to all traveling while home or away. Tom

Toni Beauchamp

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