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Sharing Tea with a Bedouin Shepherd

22nd April 2014

This blog was written by Cally Savage, who accompanied our recent Jordan: Ride Wadi Rum tour.

Riding through the desert mesmerised by the vast beauty and stunning stillness of the surrounding landscape, a collective 'ah' was broken by the girls in the group at the sight of a herd of cute goats with their floppy dog-like ears. We were even more pleasantly surprised when a local Bedouin shepherd invited us to share tea with him - a generosity we were to encounter many times by the Jordanian people throughout our trip. Having no cups with us, our local guide Suleman wasted no time in carving them out of our used water bottles with just a sharp rock as his tool. This was just one example of the resourcefulness of the Bedouins that makes life possible in this harsh environment, where everything is precious and you can't nip down to the local shop when you forget to buy milk for your tea! The tea was drunk heartily and we turned to thank our shepherd when we had finished, only to discover all traces of him and his goats had disappeared; all that remained was his teapot on the ledge and the sweet taste in our mouths, reminding us that it hadn't been a mirage after all.

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Emma Burley

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