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Oman Desert Adventure 2

17th February 2014

After a splendid supper of BBQ chicken, first marinated in spices and yogurt then cooked over the embers of the fire, we retired to bed having had a long day.

We had departed Nizwa promptly after breakfast, heading for the market town of Sinaw, where you see a lot of the Bedu men are selling fish and livestock of goats and young camels. Here you will see the Bedu women, wearing their distinctive masks, with a beak which comes down over their nose. Unlike some other Arab regions, ladies are allowed to drive, and as evidenced by the Bedu women driving pickups into the market for supplies. Moving on from Sinaw we head on to the Wahbi sands stopping on route to pick up a picnic lunch.

The weather has been unusually overcast, so there was no need to search for a tree for shade at the start of the sands, so we drove up a ridge and parked up and tucked into some delicious wraps admiring the view.

The sands have at least eight valleys running from north to south and we took one of those leading south, and we bumped, slide, bounced, got stuck, pushed, dug and revved our way across, to camp spot.

As I had mentioned the weather was overcast and the clouds where dark and threatening, shorty after retiring to bed, the sound of tap tap on the tents where soon heard, gently at first then harder, by morning time we had exhausted towels mopping up pools of water which appeared. Everyone was in good spirits as we lay out wet soggy items to dry. We heard later that the whole region had had rain, Sur had 11.8mm!

Departing camp, we had a 45 minute walk before being picked in the 4WDs and headed down the coast to one of my favourite beaches Al Khaluf, where we made it in good time and arrived to make camp by 3pm. Once our tents were up to dry out and the washing lines strung out, we all hit the beach and swam in the lovely warm waters of the Arabian Sea.

Dhala Campbell

Named after a Yemeni fort, Dhala was brought up in Scotland and spent her childhood mucking about on horses. The travel bug started when she found …

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