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Jordan Holiday Selfie

My return to Jordan

7th November 2017

Having spent many months working in Jordan and also many months travelling and visiting over the years for pleasure I was more than happy to lead again in one of my favourite regions in the world.

I still love Jordan as much as I always did. I can see how developments have widened the city in Amman and new visitor centres have opened in Petra and Wadi Rum. It makes me happy to know that visitors are still heading in despite the issues in the countries that surround it.

The food is still delicious and plentiful, always being more than you could possibly eat, a mix of salads, tabouli, hummus, falafel, maqloubeh, mansaf, and my favourite lemon'ana drink (lemon with mint, ice and sugar) which does sound more like a cocktail.

It is still the people of Jordan who make the country for me, warm and welcoming, they are still just as amusing, slightly sarcastic and entertaining. I love how Arabs seem to have the same sense of humour as us. I always feel faintly nostalgic when I leave the Middle East, I always miss it!

Sometimes it is when I walk down a street in the UK and no one smiles quite so wide, no one is offering their restaurant services, no one voice is too loud! No one really greets each other with enthusiasm and love for about 10 minutes. Blue skies and dramatic landscapes are gone... I will be back though... insha'allah.

Carly Fillis

Carly was born in sunny Wales. Her parents were in the RAF so she was always moving around and gaining new experiences. Having grandparents from South…

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