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More Lunching with Locals

9th October 2015

Continuing our stories of fresh friendly dining Across the Caucasus, we move along to lunch in Georgia and dinner in Armenia…

Lunch at Manana and Temuri’s, Georgia

Georgia Grape Vine

Shortly after crossing the border into Georgia and hungry from our early start, we arrive at Manana and Temuri’s gorgeous rural home. As we make our way through the garden, surrounded by grape trees, we are led past the hammocks and swings up to their terrace where our table is waiting. We soon realise that plentiful food portions are not just an Azeri habit. We tuck into more fresh tomatoes, aubergines and herbs, before we are presented with our first sample of famous Georgian wine, made by Temuri himself, a wonderful treat! We are taught that every man in rural Georgia, should at all times have his own home made wine to serve his guests, and we think how wonderful it would be to all have our own private wine cellars…

Responsible travel Georgia

After some obligatory tea and coffee (which we have now learnt to expect after every meal) the group takes a short wander around the garden, we say our thank you’s to the lovely couple and set off on our way.

Dinner in Dilijan, Armenia

On our first night in Armenia, in the truly beautiful ‘Switzerland’ town of Dilijan, we are taken for dinner at a grand family home, where arms and doors are open to the tourists that pass through this beautiful spa town. Our guide Laura has become a great friend of the family and talks very fondly bringing her groups here. As our hosts hospitality became famed she converted part of her house into a few small guest rooms and as we arrive we are welcomed into a lively house - with food being prepped in the kitchen and children partying in the lounge, you can’t help but feel instantly at home. Soon we are tucking in to another meal including breads, olives, and cheeses and washing it all down with some mouth-watering melon. The highlight of having lunch with locals is definitely meeting such fascinating people and being welcomed so warmly into their family and homes – that being said - feasting on an array of delicious fresh produce comes a close second!

At Wild Frontiers we believe it is crucial to support the local communities we visit and to do so in a responsible manner. This is achieved largely through our small group sizes, allowing us to integrate organically with local people, customs and traditions as well as our strong relationships with local agents and guides who share our passion and ethics for responsible travel.

Dining with local families not only allows us to provide them with a direct income, it provides our travellers with a unique, authentic experience and the chance for both parties to learn more about each other’s cultures.

Read more about our Responsible Travel Policy.

Natalie Fordham

After gaining a taste for adventure during an activity trip in Finnish Lapland, Natalie decided to take her first solo travelling trip during universi…

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