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Just back from Bali…

16th January 2019

Best view - Sunrise at Mount Batur. I never would have thought that anything would be worth waking up at 2am and then trekking for 2 hours up a mountain, but it was without a doubt one of the most breathtaking sights in Bali - and that's saying a lot as the whole island is picture perfect.

Favourite dish - While not officially a "dish", starting each day with a glass of traditional Jamu was my favourite. Jamu is considered a health tonic in Bali, and it is made from fresh Ginger and Turmeric root. Starting each day with a glass of this tonic is said to help with inner and outer beauty and overall health.

Best night’s accommodation - The Edge Ulluwatu was incredible. A perfect luxurious romantic getaway. The property sits on the cliffs of Ulluwatu and even has a glass bottom pool that extends over the cliffs so that you can see the ocean below. The water is so clear that even from 650 feet up you can see the mantas circling the reef below!

Best activity - The snorkelling in West Bali, Pulau Menjangan, is the best snorkelling I've ever experienced. Underwater was like swimming in an aquarium - the sheer amount of sea life was staggering.

Favourite moment - After trekking through the terraced rice paddies and down to the base of a secluded waterfall, we were met by a local priest for a traditional water blessing. After the priest finished his last chant, the skies opened up and it began pouring rain. It felt as if the Gods had listened to the water-blessing and responded directly. Us, the priest and the local trekking guides all took in the moment as the energy of the timing of the rain was palpable.

Best Souvenir - While checking out of the Hotel Katamama the staff gave me a traditional Balinese blessing bracelet for safe travels. I realize this isn't a souvenir purchased from the many local sellers, but this was something I found I was excited to wear and bring home - a gift to remember Bali - which is the best kind of souvenir there is, right?

Tips for travellers - If you're looking to experience the classic Bali surf, hire a local surfer as a guide for the day. Surf culture often makes it hard to surf a popular break if you're not known locally. Hiring a local for the day allows you to catch waves you wouldn't be able to if you head out on your own.

Any regrets? - I didn't get a chance to go to the Uluwatu temple which was recommended by many of the locals I spoke to.

April Cole

April is a seasoned traveler from sunny California and invaluable member of the Journeys Within team. She started her professional career in marketing…

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