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Exploring the One Hundred Waterfalls in Laos

23rd March 2015

Frank Krievs travelled to Northern Laos on a tailor-made holiday with Wild Frontiers in February to mark his 60th birthday. Below he talks about day 10 of his trip...

Each day I wake up thinking it cannot possibly get better than the last, but today was simply awesome, challenging and mind blowing. We set off from Nong Khiaw and got on an open long-tail boat for approximately 45 minutes along the Nam Ou river, before getting off at a village for the start of our trek to the One Hundred Waterfalls.

We walked across fields before stopping for a break when our guide Lanexang produced a couple of bags of seaweed flavoured crisps, chocolate flavoured (tarro) crisps and rice cakes. After setting off again we soon came to a steady but wonderful uphill climb of a fast flowing river with the option at one point of doing a rope climb up a really steep section.

At the highest point of our waterfall climb we stopped for lunch at benches and tables made out of bamboo. The guides produced the picnic lunch – we watched in wonder as they fashioned miniature sauce boats out of banana leaves and poured chilli and tomato sauce into each of them from small plastic bags.The main course was fried rice with beef wrapped up in a banana leaf followed by a banana for dessert. It was simply wonderful.

After that we made our way back down the hill through the fields, taking in the sight of cows having a mud bath. Once we were back in the village we started from, we boarded our open long-tail boat for a very refreshing 45 minute journey back to Nong Khiaw.

Frank Krievs

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