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Desert Adventure in Oman

12th December 2014

The Sultanate of Oman is the best kept secret in the Middle East. Bordering the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, with just over 3 million people, it is located on the south east coast of the Arabian Peninsula. With over 2100 km of coastline you will never feel crowded when driving your 4WD along a beach, although you may come across some fisherman with the day's catch.

When you leave the airport one of the first things you will notice is the heat, together with a gentle breeze. The roads are spotlessly clean and at the sides of the roads are perfectly manicured flower borders, all brightly coloured.

The capital is Muscat, one of the Middle East's oldest cities. It hosts modern buildings and 5 star hotels, but Dubai it is not. The real appeal is its ancient and exotic atmosphere. The alleys of the Mutrah Souk are filled with the essence of burning Frankincense. The call to prayer echoing throughout the souk is a wonder to hear. The souk is surrounded by picturesque buildings, palaces and forts, tucked away among rugged hills which meet the sea.

We are off to the desert tomorrow...

Tour leader Dee Brown recently led our Oman Desert Adventure group tour.

Dee Brown

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