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Breakfast Around The World: Infographic

22nd April 2016

Most of us around the world kick-start our day with a breakfast, whether it's eaten around kitchen tables or cross-legged in a ger camp. Yet what we eat for breakfast varies greatly, from savoury to sweet, simple to extravagant, substantial to snack-like, from pastries to chowders, and all that’s in between. Enjoy our infographic taking you around the world in forty-four traditional breakfasts.

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Argentina: Facturas – sweet pastry filled with cream, custard or jam and mate to drink.

Australia: Vegemite on toast.

Bahamas: Grits – dried corn mixed with boiling water, topped with prawns.

Bolivia: Saltenas – savoury pastries stuffed with meat, vegetables or cheese.

Brazil: Pao de queijo – cheese rolls and strong coffee.

Burma (Myanmar): Mohinga - rice noodles in a fish broth with deep fried fritters.

Canada: Perogies - dumplings, stuffed with potato, meat, cheese or fruit.

China: Congee - a rich porridge served with fish or meat.

Colombia: Changua - a milk soup with eggs and calado, a stale bread.

Cuba: Tostada - strips of grilled, buttered bread dunked in café con leche.

Egypt: Ful madamas - cooked fava beans and chickpeas.

Ethiopia: Genfo - a stiff porridge with a hole in the center filled with spices and yoghurt.

France: Croissants – pastries with butter and jam and an espresso.

Georgia: Aladziki - Georgian pancakes or filled with fruit and yoghurt.

Germany: Wurst - sausages with local cheeses and fresh bread.

Ghana: Waakye - rice and beans boiled together.

Hungary: Pogácsa - a focaccia-like bread baked in the ashes of the fireplace.

Iceland: Hafragrautur - a hearty porridge, topped with raisins and nuts.

India: Idlis – steamed rice, light pancakes, with roti and dosas.

Iran: Yoghurt and dates, feta, walnuts, pomegranates and Persian tea.

Israel: Shakshuka - eggs poached in a tomato and red pepper sauce.

Italy: Great coffee with a cornetto pastry.

Jamaica: Ackee - a fruit that looks like scrambled eggs, with saltfish and dumplins.

Japan: Miso soup with white rice.

Kenya: Uji - a thin, gluten-free porridge made from millet.

Mexico: Huevos rancheros - runny fried eggs with hot salsa on corn tortillas.

Mongolia: Boiled mutton and salty milk tea.

Morocco: Khobz - a round bread with olive oil and sugary mint tea.

Netherlands: Apple pancakes served with stroop, a dark syrup.

Pakistan: Aloo paratha - a pan-fried flatbread eaten with butter or chutney.

Philippines: Sinangag – mini sausages, rice wrapped in palm leaves and mangoes.

Poland: Scrambled eggs and potato pancakes.

Russia: Oladi - a pancake eaten with honey, jam or sour cream.

South Africa: Putu pap - hot cereal made with corn.

South Korea: Tost-u - a sweet egg sandwich, with cabbage and sugar.

Spain: Churros - fried choux pastry with sugar, honey or chocolate.

Sweden: Smörgås - an open sandwich with fish, egg and cucumber and caviar spread.

Thailand: Jok - rice porridge with pork meatballs and an egg.

Turkey: Sucuk - dried sausage with cheese, cucumber and tomato.

U.K.: Fry up - sausage, bacon, eggs, hash browns, black pudding, beans and more.

Ukraine: Borscht - beetroot soup.

U.S.A.: Thick fluffy pancakes with blueberries, crispy bacon and syrup.

Uganda: Katogo - green bananas in a beef or vegetable stew.

Venezuela: Arepas - round pattys with cheese, ham or avocado.