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Book of the Month: The Horse Boy

18th July 2017

Sales consultant Clem has recently returned from our Mongolia: Land of the Great Khan group tour and The Horse Boy by Rupert Isaacson was recommended to her to read to before travelling to this majestic country. Below is Clem's review of this special book and why it's particularly worth a read if you're planning a trip to Mongolia...

The Horse Boy

The Horse Boy is a fascinating autobiographical account written by a father describing his family’s journey in search of healing for his autistic son. The story of Rowan and his connection with horses led this family on a journey across the wilds of Mongolia in search of shamans and sacred waters. One of the things which appealed to me most about the book is that it challenges Western notions of medicine and healing and really opens the mind up to the suppressed and the alternative.

The Horse Boy is an absolute must read for those looking to travel to Mongolia – especially if you are thinking of joining one of our group tours as Wild Frontiers was heavily involved in organising the family's journey through the country. WF tour leader Tulga even features heavily in Isaacson’s story as he travels across Mongolia with them!

Clem Lang

Clem had travelled to various exotic destinations with family, but it wasn’t until she set off on her first backpacking trip with a friend to Peru and…

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