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Jordan Holidays

Ade Summers - Enjoying a breather in Jordan

4th April 2008

I just back from an amazing desert adventure. It is sort of good to be back in the hustle and bustle of Amman. Its fun exploring the small back street market of downtown Amman.

There's a real energy here with everybody going about their business of buying and selling. It's noisy, busy and exciting. I particularly like the spice and herb market, where the sights and smells are a sensory overload. There are lots of little cafe's where to can just sit back and relax and watch the world go by while enjoy a traditional Turkish coffee and some sweets cakes (Baklava). I have been chatting with the locals while they smoke on their Arghile or Nargila Pipes (hubbly-bubbly pipes). I had a try of this but nearly cough up a lung. Today is such a contrast to my last week in Jordan. I spent a superb week in the desert doing a spot of trekking and scrambling. Sleeping under the stars was a highlight. I wouldn't let myself go to sleep until I saw at least 10 shooting stars, but confess that I counted the occasional satellite flying over head. Sleeping under a blanket of stars is a magical experience. The stars are so bright and alive, your mind easily drifts and explored the stars and wonder! If you wake up in the night to spend a "Fil" (Jordian Penny) to do not need a torch as the moon is so bright it guides you to a convenient bush.

Another highlight of the trip has been spending time with my Bedouin hosts. It take you back to a time and a place that has existed for thousands of years, and a lifestyle that is still the same, except that they have trading in the camels for 4 wheel drives . I finished off my trip with a few days at the amazing and 8 wonder of the world Petra. I really did feel like Indiana Jones as I walk down the "Sig" canyon to see the amazing Treasury. Walking up to the Monastery was well worth the effort, and in my opinion is the best kept secret of the middle east. Best go and have a beer, but will stay well clear of the hubbly-bubbly pipes.

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Adrian Summers

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