Community Tourism

Communities have always been at the core of Wild Frontiers. From our early days of taking travellers to meet our friends the Kalash, a minority pagan community in the remote mountains of northern Pakistan, our ethos has remained the same  - to create extraordinary travel experiences for our clients, which mutually benefit the communities we visit.

Through community tourism we have the opportunity to generate real positive impact, supporting people we visit through sustainable local development, and in turn helping to alleviate poverty, protect culture and environments in often more vulnerable destinations. While doing so, our clients gain richer travel experiences and more meaningful connections with the people they meet. 

Following is a selection of inspiring community tourism initiatives you can enjoy with Wild Frontiers.

The Benefits of Community Tourism

  • Creates employment and sustainable development
  • Inspires in-depth and richer travel experiences
  • Empowers communities and enhances livelihoods
  • Helps preserve traditional culture and crafts
  • Helps conserve and protect precious environments
  • Inspires cross cultural connections
You coming here, year after year, and all the tourists you bring, make the Kalash realise they are special, that their culture is special and that makes them proud. This is one of the reasons our culture is still strong
Saifullah, the chief spokesperson for the Kalash

Community Homestays

When local people open the doors of their homes to guests, it offers a unique cultural and interactive experience for travellers, while helping to ensure that tourism money directly supports the hosts, their community and its economy. Many of our homestays are in more remote locations, where tourism infrastructure can be limited. Supporting our hosts gives us the opportunity stay in some truly remarkable settings and get to know the community, rather than just pass through.

Meals that Make a Difference

Eating in locally owned and run restaurants, supporting hospitality training initiatives, or simply dining with families who welcome guests into their own homes, are all meals that make a difference while travelling. Enjoy delicious, fresh and locally sourced cuisine, while supporting your hosts and the economy of the wider community supply chain - it really is that simple.

Empowering Women Empowers Communities

Creating employment opportunities and empowering women to earn an income, not only improves their livelihoods and that of their families, but benefits the community as a whole. With women spending the majority of their income on their families, the standards of sustainable development, including education and healthcare, are also more likely to increase within their communities.

Preserving Culture & Crafts

Many community initiatives and social enterprises centre around the preservation of culture and traditional handicrafts, while providing opportunities for local people to earn an income and support their families. Through visiting such enterprises and shopping for locally made products we support both culture and communities, helping to ensure traditional skills are continued to be passed on to future generations.

Protecting Precious Species & Environments

Supporting communities to protect their precious environments and restore eco-systems helps to fight climate change and safeguard nature for generations to come, while opening opportunities for local employment and sustainable development in often more vulnerable regions of the world.