Climate Projects & Tree Planting with Ecologi

As a part of our climate action commitment, we have partnered with environmental social enterprise, Ecologi, to plant trees and fund carbon reduction projects on behalf of all clients that travel with us.

Through our partnership, we are contributing to renewable energy and preservation projects in destinations we visit to help offset the carbon emissions generated from our group tours and tailor-made trips, as well as planting ten trees for every person that we take on holiday.

While actively working to reduce the carbon footprint of our tours, joining forces with Ecologi enables us to invest in a portfolio of robust Gold Standard, and equivalent, climate projects and major tree planting programmes to help mitigate our carbon emissions now, and in the future.

Ecologi offers a transparent platform that records the volume of carbon emissions offset through the projects we support, and allows us to see our forest develop as we fund the planting of trees. 

We are looking forward to seeing not only the trees, but this partnership grow.

Through our partnership with Ecologi, Wild Frontiers is planting 10 trees and contributing to renewable energy and preservation projects on behalf of every client that travels with us.

Photo credits: Ecologi & Eden Reforestation Projects