Why You Need To Visit The Silk Road

Posted by Michael Pullman 4th April 2022
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The 'Stans of Central Asia' have an allure like no other place in this world. For most people these countries are rarely thought about and even more rarely traveled to. Which is why we are here to tell you that the Silk Road, specifically the area through Central Asia should be at the top of everyone’s list for travel this year. From some of Asia’s most spectacular mountains, to lively bazaars, and ancient towns, this place takes travel to another level and at times almost feels as if you’ve gone back in time. We could wax lyrical for hours on end about the extraordinary Tien Shan Mountains, the enchanting town of Bukhara, or the glimmering Son Kul Lake with a horizon that’s dotted with yurts, but we will spare you some time and show you why you need to visit The Silk Road!

The Silk Road in 60 Seconds




Theres something about the architecture in Central Asia that is like no place else on the planet. The use of deep and vibrant colors, specifially blue, turquoise, and purple that makes for some incredible buildings. Take a look at the type of architecture you can expect to see along the silk road.

Visit the Silk Road

Silk Road Uzbekistan

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Another epic part of Central Asia and the Silk Road is the gorgeous natural setting. Many of the people who call this region of the world their home still live nomadically and seeing families living in Yurts is quite common. Horses are still a major part of nomadic culture and there is lots of different wildlife under the expansive skies of the Silk Road.

Silk Road Kyrgyzstan

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Another beautiful aspect of Central Asia is the people. The men, women, and children, who inhabit this region of the world live a vastly different day to day routine than the average Westerner, and it's an intriguing contrast to gain some insight into their lives. The people of these lands have a rich history and you can feel it all around you.

People of the Silk Road

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Why Visit The Silk route


What are you looking for when it comes to an adventure abroad? The answer for many people is ‘to experience something new.’ Now there are plenty of fantastic destinations across this planet that could fulfill that criteria, but in our opinion this one stands out above the rest.This is a place where you will truly discover something brand new. From the food, to people, to landscapes, to architecture, the average person has no conception for what to expect in this region. For those that really want to challenge their view on the world and what life can be, we urge you to see what the 'Stans of Central Asia' and the Silk Road have to offer.

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