Turkmenistan’s Darvaza Gas Crater Turned Into World’s Biggest Barbeque

Posted by Michael Pullman 31st March 2016
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The world’s biggest barbeque is to take place this summer at Turkmenistan’s Darvaza Gas Crater, to celebrate the country’s 25th year of independence. Located in the Karakum Desert, the natural gas crater, also known as “The Door to Hell”, is over 60 metres in diameter and has been burning continuously for over 40 years.


In the ambitious project, a specially constructed grill the size of a football field is being placed over the mouth of the crater, creating a structure over 150 times the size of a typical family barbeque. At the event, Heston Blumenthall will use the crater’s natural gas flames to cook the world’s biggest ever sausage, which will weigh over half a tonne. There will also be over 150,000 home-made burgers, 2 million chicken legs, 78,000 corn on the cobs and over 3 tonnes of cous cous for vegetarians. A crane will be used to lower and then turn the record-breaking sausage at regular intervals until it is cooked nicely, hopefully without any charring.


A Wild Frontiers group recently returned from Turkmenistan and saw first-hand the enormous grill, which is now almost complete. “The huge grill slightly spoiled our view of the crater, but it looks like it’s going to be an amazing party. I wouldn’t want the job of turning the enormous sausage though, that’s for sure” said Wild Frontiers traveller Frank N. Furter.     


The barbeque is part of a series of events to mark the 25th year since the Central Asian country gained independence from the Soviet Union. The “Barbeque at the Door to Hell” is being described as the most spectacular celebration since 2010 when South Africa marked 100 years of independence by sewing together the world’s largest tablecloth, which they draped over Table Mountain as they hosted an enormous outdoor dinner party.


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