The Best Things to do in Oman

Posted by Michael Pullman 15th November 2023
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The Best Things to do in Oman

Discover vibrant Muscat

Muscat is a winning balance of the modern and traditional with an enviable oceanfront setting. Explore its ancient city walls, watchtowers and many fantastic museums. Hire a dhow to go dolphin watching, or make like a local and stroll along the corniche. A morning visit to the city’s fish market is worth the early start, while for shopping, the 200-year-old Mutrah Souq is the place to buy frankincense, coffee pots, jewelry and much more besides. 

Spend time in the Empty Quarter

Rub al Khali consists of 250,000 square miles of rolling desert that covers much of western Oman, northern Yemen, southern Saudi Arabia and parts of the UAE. Here you can follow in the footsteps of explorers like Wilfred Thessiger by looking out for the Arabian Oryx, meeting Bedouin nomads, taking in the hypnotic landscapes and camping under a blanket of stars.

Explore ancient forts

Oman is home to over 1,000 forts, some of which date from Portuguese rule while some are more modern. The 17th century Nizwa Fort is perhaps the country’s most famous, and serves as a reminder of the strategic importance of Nizwa at the crossroads of vital trade routes. Visiting Oman’s first offers a chance to learn about ancient life here , including how defenders would pour boiling date juice on would-be attackers! 

See a green side of the Middle East in Dhofar

Dhofar, in south western Oman, feels a world apart from the deserts to the north. This part of Oman enjoys a tropical monsoon from June to August, resulting in green landscapes and produce ranging from mango and papaya plantations to the country’s most famous export, frankincense. Explore the souqs of Dhofar’s capital, Salalah, visit the Frankincesense museum, discover the ancient port of Sumhuram and seek out baobab trees in this beautiful region.  

Take a dip in the Indian Ocean

Oman has just under 2,000 miles of Indian Ocean coastline, including the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea. Much of it is undeveloped, but pretty much all of it is rugged, beautiful and rich in marine life. One of the highlights of our tours to Oman is to swim at a secluded beach, enjoying the warm waters of the Indian Ocean in splendid isolation.

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