The 10 Best Things to Do in Georgia

Posted by Harry Foskett 31st March 2020
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The 10 Best Things to Do in Georgia

One of Europe's hidden gems, and a country steeped in history and incredible culture, Georgia may not be your first thought when it comes to where to spend your holiday, but it certainly should be. This fantastic destination is bursting at the seams with beautiful experiences to soften even the most hardened traveller. From sweeping natural views to amazing cities, incredible food to ancient coastlines, Georgia, the country, has more to discover than you'd ever imagine.

Once you've taken a closer look at these ten things to do in Georgia, we're sure that you'll be planning a visit to Georgia in no time. Read on to find out more…

Explore the charming capital of Tbilisi

Visit Tbilisi - Things to do in Geogria

Spending time in Tbilisi is a must for anyone choosing to visit Georgia. An incredible capital city that dates back to the 5th century, this diverse and visually stunning location rests along the Kura River, surrounded by picturesque mountains and countryside. 

The old town, in particular, is a riot of colour and an incredible place to discover. Puppet shows are a frequent tourist feature of the city, and well worth seeking out.

Overlooking Tbilisi to the North is Narikala Fortress, which can be reached by cable car. For those who enjoy panoramic views of cityscapes, the fortress is an option to check out, granting amazing views over the city itself. Tbilisi is packed with amazing architecture, from ancient churches to modern structures, making for a fantastic contrast. 

Eat Khachapuri

Eat Khachapuri

Khachapuri is a local delicacy to Georgia and forms part of the traditional Georgian diet, of course, it certainly doesn't hurt that this bread-based foodstuff is entirely delicious. Typically stuffed with cheese in various styles or forms, as well as eggs and other ingredients, these fragrant pieces of edible Georgian culture can be purchased from countless locations around the country. It's rare to not find these on the menu.

Declared as part of the intangible cultural heritage of Georgia, khachapuri can be found as street food or in restaurants. While street food versions tend to be more portable, 'eat-in' versions of this dish are more elaborate. Rip off the crust and dip it in oozing, runny cheese, typically sulguni cheese, what's not to love about that?

Get a taste for Georgian Wine

Get a taste for Georgian Wine

Another little-known area of cultural significance for Georgia is their incredible wine. While in Georgia, you can purchase it directly from the source. Georgian winemaking is considered to be a UNESCO World Heritage experience, which makes these wine tours and tastings the ideal choice for more conscientious travellers.

As an incredibly fertile growing space for vines, Georgia has over 500 different types of grapes originating from the country. Many consider Georgia to be the birthplace of wine, with a wine history tracking back 8,000 years. In comparison to other European wines, Georgian wine is often more flavourful, and stronger, and is commonly used as part of cultural and traditional feasts.

Visit Mtskheta, the ancient capital

Things to do in Georgia - Visit Mtskheta

With a lengthy history and some truly stunning sights, Mtskheta is a destination unlike any other in Georgia. Mtskheta was the ancient capital of the Eastern Georgian Kingdom from the third to the fifth century. In addition to its fascinating history, the site also has great religious significance as the origin of Christianity in Georgia. Just 20 minutes outside of the capital Tbilisi, Mtskheta is a great location for a guided tour in a single day and is more than worth the visit.

While Mtskheta isn't the place to go for wining and dining, it holds its appeal for history lovers. The convenience of its location near the capital allows visitors to get a glimpse into the past while still being close to the action. It is perfect for a half-day trip before returning to the modernity of the big city.

Visit the Gelati Monastery

Visit the Gelati Monastery

Another integral part of Georgian history is the famous Gelati Monastery, which is a UNESCO world heritage site, dating back to the early 1100s. Considered to be architecture created within Georgia's 'golden age', this incredible complex is located in Kutaisi, within the Imereti Province. This site is one of many that has immense religious significance to the country and is well worth a look for those interested in local history.

While the Gelati Monastery is currently undergoing restoration, it's still fully accessible to the public. The site spans numerous mountains and hills as part of its structure. It's also worth noting that the monastery is not only significant for its religious history but it was also used for education and developments in mathematics and science for the whole of Georgia. If you're looking for history with an impact, an excursion to this monastery is the way to go.

Hike through the Greater Caucasus Mountains

Go Hiking in Georgia

Alongside its fascinating history and magnificent architecture, Georgia is also well known for its plentiful countryside, much of which is made of hills and mountains. The Caucasus Mountains are perhaps the best-known range and are full of different trails and treks for avid hikers or relative newcomers alike to enjoy. Stretching from northern Russia to Azerbaijan, there's plenty of mountain to explore.

Visitors to Georgia will be granted access to a range of different walking tours and hiking routes. The most popular of which includes Kazbegi, Svaneti and Tusheti’s mountainous areas for hiking. However, there are plenty of options for people of all ability levels, from relatively flat walks through the valleys of the mountains to high-energy hikes requiring stamina and expertise. The Gergeti Trinity Church is one such destination that requires a steep hike to reach.

Explore the cave towns and monasteries of Georgia

Explore the cave towns and monasteries of Georgia

Davit Gareja, Vardzia and Uplistsikhe are just three of Georgia's incredible cave-based destinations. The cave complexes are carved into towns and cities from the mountains themselves, proving to be a truly astonishing sight to any visitors that stumble upon them. Vardzia is a tourist favourite due to its incredible history as part of a fortification separating Christian and Muslim land back in the 1100s.

These days, Georgia's cave towns are no longer in active use, but they remain an incredible tourist location with a deep and rich history. Thanks to their creation using the strong surrounding of the mountains, each structure has been built to last and has held against the test of time. Making it the perfect educational visit for travellers that enjoy learning about the history of their destinations.

Visit the house and museum of Stalin in Gori

Visit the Stalin Museum when visiting Georgia

The Joseph Stalin Museum, based in Gori, is a key attraction for many visitors to Georgia. As the place of Stalin's birth, Gori has held a dedicated museum to the Soviet Union leader since 1957 and provides a glimpse into the past and history of Georgia as a Soviet country.

Attractions for the museum include the ability to step into Stalin's private train carriage, preserved as it was when he used it. You will be able to see countless other artefacts and items dating back to Soviet times. For history fans or families looking to understand the importance of Georgia's history, the house and museum of Stalin are attractions not to be missed.

Try your hand at Georgia’s national dishes from local cook masterclasses

Georgia Cooking Classes

Georgia may not be the first country you think of when it comes to chef-standard cuisine, but there's more to this destination than you might think. Some consider Georgian cuisine to be wholly underrated, but thanks to its many delicious influences from countries such as Turkey, Greece and the Mediterranean, it's a true highlight. Chef masterclasses are offered in most of Georgia's biggest cities, and it's a great way to familiarise yourself with an integral aspect of Georgian culture.

You could opt for something savoury like khinkali, dumplings stuffed with meats and spices. Or you could opt for something sweeter like tatara, a confectionary created from pressed and boiled grapes, originating from the country's plentiful vineyards. Whatever you pick, it's sure to be a culinary experience you won’t forget.

Enjoy some R&R on the Black Sea Coast

If you're the type of traveller who prefers something more low-key for your holidays, then Georgia can deliver that in an immense way. The Black Sea coast is the ideal place to seize a slower pace of life, with countless resorts and scenic spots to enjoy the oceanic views. Batumi is one of the most popular cities for its proximity to the Black Sea, and this is reflected in the bustling nightlife and incredible dining.

Why not combine your visits to the older regions and fortified towns, with a relaxing break on the coast?

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