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Posted by Harry Foskett 20th May 2022
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If you've been bitten by the travel bug, it's time to bust out a world map and decide where you're off to next.

With more and more people opting to travel alone, you should feel empowered to hit the road and find your own adventure. Understandably, there is sometimes concern about safety when travelling on your own The freedom that you experience with a solo trip comes at the price of feeling less confident than you would if you had a travel companion.

But what if travelling solo didn’t mean travelling alone? That’s exactly where small group tours come in. Why not travel solo with other like-minded solo travellers? Alongside a dedicated tour leader, who both keeps you safe in a destination they know well and has inside knowledge of all of the hidden gems that place has to reveal.

Wild Frontiers offers small group tours for solo travellers and our experts and guides are experienced in identifying some of the best destinations for solo travel.

Wild Frontiers created an itinerary that included both the key sites and out of the way places and spaces that, travelling solo, I might not have found
Romy - Inside The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia


Solo Travellers in Iceland

Iceland is a prime example of a destination that lends itself to solo travel. If you're looking for a gorgeous location that gives you solitude and time to think, there's a mystical essence to Iceland that provides the perfect backdrop.

Ranked as the safest country in the world for several years, you can rest easy as you gaze at geysers and hot springs. You can plan for a fun road trip but even if you aren't interested in driving, the public transport systems are impressive too.


Little Petra in Jordan With A Group Tour

One of the most beautiful countries to visit is Jordan, with its otherworldly deserts, friendly people and breathtaking wonders. Some may think of it as an unusual solo travel destination, but that is what makes it such a rewarding experience. With that said, you'll likely need more preparation and assertiveness than you would with other countries, but it's all part of the fun.

There are a lot of exciting and challenging outdoor activities to try in Jordan, as well as delicious food that you’ve likely never tried before. 


Iran Architecture

It's easy to see why tourism is growing in Iran - it's such a rewarding place to visit. It's a safe country, with some of the most welcoming and hospitable people you will ever meet. 

Iran has plenty to see in the way of nature, culture and history. It also has 21 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, so it's perfect for history buffs. Our small group tours are the best way to discover Iran, explore its cities and meet the locals. 


Ecuador Cloud Forest

A visit to Ecuador will be impossible to forget. The landscapes of this small country in South America are diverse, ranging from snow-capped Andean peaks to the cloud forests of Bellavista, the Amazon rainforest and the volcanic islands of Galapagos. 

There is an abundance to see and do here for solo travellers, from eating unbelievable food, and getting to know an interesting and ancient culture, to getting up close to the diverse Galapagos wildlife.


Italy's Rolling Hills

One of the best solo adventures you can take is to the land of pasta, wine, and good times. We're talking about Italy of course. This is a country that should be at the top of everyone's bucket list. 

Italy is a great destination for a solo walking holiday.  There’s no better way to explore the real Italy than to walk through the Apennines or the Southern Alps, meet the locals, eat authentic Italian food, and of course, sample as much wine as you can.


Church at Lake Seven In Georgia

Georgia, although not a mainstream travel destination, is one of our favourite places to visit. It really is Europe's best-kept secret. Georgia's capital city Tbilisi has a unique charm, full of quaint shops and chic cafes in its old town. Georgia offers a variety of breathtaking landscapes, the cuisine is outstanding and relatively undiscovered, and the people are friendly and welcoming.

Georgia really has it all, whether you are looking for a walking holiday to see its scenery, or a group tour to meet fellow travellers whilst you discover the rich culture of this destination.


Solo Traveller in India

Rajasthan is a great choice for solo travellers looking to experience India. With its many romantic forts and palaces. Rajasthan has something for everyone. 

Travel the Golden Triangle between Delhi, Agra and Jaipur before heading off the beaten path to explore the real Rajasthan. For wildlife lovers, head to the Ranthambore National Park in search of India’s famous and endangered e  tigers, and a whole host of animals you’ll enjoy spotting on a safari.


Solo Female Traveller In Uzbekistan

Although it isn't the first place that people think of when it comes to a solo travel destination, Uzbekistan is sure to steal your heart. You'll be immediately struck by the world heritage sites, like the Historic Centre of Bukhara, and the breathtaking Islamic architecture. 

Uzbekistan only opened its doors to the world in 2017, and although it may not have appeared high on your travel bucket list before, you should absolutely make it an option now.


The Mountains in Turkey

While Turkey has long been on the tourist radar, small group tours allow you to discover many lesser-known roads. Its fascinating history has left an indelible mark on Turkey and there are historic sites and archaeological wonders scattered across its stunning landscape. Turkey is a vast country and a great place to travel, not the least because its people deserve their reputation as being incredibly welcoming. 


Group Tours Staying In Yurts In Mongolia

For anyone seeking a wild adventure, a trip to Mongolia is a must. Nearly 30% of its population lives a nomadic lifestyle and its easy to see why. Mongolia's diverse and breathtaking landscapes will be sure to entice you if experiencing the local lifestyle first-hand isn't enough. This vast country is home to dramatic mountain scenery in the north and the Gobi desert in the south, with a fascinating and ancient culture scattered in between.


Hunza Valley In Pakistan

For those looking for a truly off-the beaten track, Pakistan is a fantastic destination for solo travellers. Almost all of it remains mostly undiscovered in mainstream tourism. We recommend travelling in a small group tour when visiting Pakistan, as a knowledgeable tour leader is essential for experiencing the best Pakistan has to offer, but travelling in a small group makes it easy to meet the locals. Hospitality is a way of life for the diverse tribes of the Northwest Frontier, a staple experience on our Pakistan tours.

Don’t believe all that you hear about Pakistan and take a journey that will leave even the most experienced traveller with a sense of awe and wonder for this land whose very breadth and beauty will delight even the most seasoned explorer.


Downtown Bogota in Colombia

Colombia is a great travel destination for solo adventures, with its colourful history and stunning natural beauty. It has come a long way from its troubled past, and now has plenty of draws for adventure-lovers, culture-vultures and nature-enthusiasts alike.

You can explore every aspect of Colombia on your Colombia trip, from the cosmopolitan streets of Bogotá to the colonial outposts of its small towns. You can experience mud baths in volcanoes and trekking on glaciers, or sip Cuba Libras in the bars of Cartagena. There is something for every kind of traveller.


Baobab Trees in Madagascar

One of the most spectacular, vibrant solo holiday destinations is Madagascar! It boasts luscious wildlife, great food and welcoming locals. Those seeking adventure will find breathtaking hiking trails, while those looking to relax will find peaceful beaches. It's a fantastic holiday destination all year round. 

The Best Places to Take a Safe Solo Trip

Travelling alone is exhilarating and potentially life-changing. Although you may be worried about the potential safety hazards of a solo trip, remember travelling solo does not mean travelling alone. Here at Wild Frontiers, we specialise in Small Group Tours, which are perfect for solo travellers. 

Our average group size is 9, with a maximum size of 12 on any trip. The average number of solo travellers in each group is usually more than half.

Our number one priority is the safety of our customers. You will always have a tour leader with you and they will help you to feel completely at ease in even the most remote locations. Travelling with a group is also a great way to make sure everyone feels safe. It is precisely for this reason that solo female travellers particularly are huge fans of our small group tours

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