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Posted by Michael Pullman 5th March 2020
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Nothing beats a high vantage point to get your bearings, but also to take in the scale and beauty of a city. here our experts recommend their favourite views over cities.

View of Rio from Christ the Redeemer

Somewhat obvious perhaps, but it's simply impossible not to include Rio in a list of best views over cities. Rio is actually spoiled for choice in terms of views; you can channel your inner Roger Moore on a cable car ride up to Sugar Loaf Mountain for a spectacular view which includes the Christ the Redeemer statue, but we prefer the classic view from the statue itself, seen above. 

Jodhpur from Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort & Palace is  one of Rajasthan and India’s grandest and most imposing forts. Rudyard Kipling described the fort “the splendours of a palace that might have been built by Titans and coloured by the morning sun”. The fort is perched on a vertical cliff, 400 feet above the skyline of Jodhpur. The birds eye view of Jodhpur city from the ramparts of this 15th century fort is truly spectacular at any time of day, but seeing the 360 degree views from Mehrangarh Fort at sunset is well worth the steep climb up. 

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Our Lady of Lebanon, Harissa

The Maronite shrine of our Lady of Lebanon is situated in Harissa, a 40-minute drive from Beirut. The statue's outstretched arms face towards the city, and from the top you can take in the scale of  the Lebanese capital, and its glorious setting on the sparkling blue Mediterranean Sea. 

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Tbilisi from Narikala Fortress

Narikala Fortress is located on a mountaintop and from one side you can enjoy panoramic views of the city, with its mixture of ancient and modern buildings and bridges, and from another  the Botanical Gardens of Tbilisi. This is a must-visit place for taking photographs.

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Antigua (Guatemala) from Cerro de la Cruz

A short walk up Cerro de la Cruz offers views over the pretty cobbled streets of Antigua, set against the backdrop of two of its surrounding volcanoes. It's a popular hanging out spot for locals so it's a good spot for people-watching as well as taking in the views. 

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Kotor from the Ladder of Catarro

Beginning at the city walls at ground level, a 45-minute steep climb up the 1,350 roughly-hewn steps that make up Kotor's Ladder is not for the faint-hearted. Bring a bottle of water and take your time though, and you'll enjoy views that change with every switchback. At the very top you get an idea of why they built a fort here, with  impenetrable mountains behind  and long views ahead of the bay of Kotor and city below.  

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