Nepal: Trekking in Style - What To Expect

Posted by Nigel Fisher 9th March 2017
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Nepal’s Everest in Comfort Trek involves trekking across a fantastic route with a variety of diverse terrains ranging from rice terraces and lowland villages to alpine glaciers and steep mountain terrain. Those who opt to embark on this high energy trek must therefore be in good trekking condition as each day can involve up to six hours of walking with very few flat sections and numerous steep inclines and declines. Kathmandu lies at an altitude of 4,620ft and you will be trekking up to 12,540ft at the village of Thame and acclimatising along the way.

Throughout the duration of the trek you will be staying in comfortable lodges with ensuite bathroom facilities. Although these lodges are deemed more luxurious than their more basic counterparts, electricity can still be erratic due to the remoteness of the lodges so a flashlight and/or headtorch is essential, along with extra batteries, candles and matches.

Your sleeping bags, clothing and food will be carried by a porter, but you will be required to carry a daypack. Your daypack should include a fleece jacket or sweatshirt, rain jacket and pants, full water bottle, sunglasses and suncream, hat, gloves, camera and any snacks you wish to bring along for the duration of the trek.

Whilst trekking you should wear comfortable and loose fitting clothes made from breathable fabrics, for example a loose lightweight cotton shirt and shorts or thin trousers. The most important item required on the trek is suitable hiking boots. It is essential that you bring lightweight hiking boots (not walking boots) with strong ankle support and rubber lug soles with thick tread. You must ensure that your hiking boots are comfortable and broken in as uncomfortable boots can ruin your trek (and your feet!) It's a good idea to wear your hiking boots on your international flight, just in case your luggage gets lost. You can’t trek without them, but you can buy all the other gear in Kathmandu.

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