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Just Back From... Indonesia

Posted by Nathan Drane 20th December 2018
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Watching the sunrise early in the morning from the stunning Plataran Borobudur. Looking out across the countryside with the famous temple silhouetted is definitely worth the early start.


I love a Laska, although it's also quite difficult to beat a fresh seafood BBQ with plenty of Sambal (hot dipping sauce).


The Komodo Cruise was amazing, spacious cabins beautiful sun deck and the brew are amazing. We dropped anchor by some mangroves and watched a massive bat exodus as the sun set.

The whole experience of sailing through these beautiful islands, with some of the best diving and snorkelling in Asia is something I will never forget, and I am already making plans to return.

I also have to mention the incredibly friendly crew who always greet you with a smile and a refreshing drink when you get onboard.


Trekking through the padi fields and wilds of Sulawesi. We got to witness and amazing funeral with the whole village dressed in black apart from those closest to the deceased who had amazingly flamboyant outfits.

Even though they are Christian they have some very different beliefs to what we'd expect. In order to give the deceased a good send off they sacrificed five buffaloes and well over a hundred pigs.


Seeing eight manta rays swimming past is hard to top and the sunrise at Mount Bromo was spectacular. However, the winner is swimming for at least ten minutes with a green turtle, such elegant animals and tough to keep up with, but an unforgettable experience.


I am not a big souvenir fan, however I bought a little boat from a very enthusiastic youngster in Manado pier. I donated the boat to Charlie, the resident skipper in our office.


I would love to visit the North of Sulawesi, but there are so many islands it would take at least three trips to cover my bucket list there.


Komodo Dragons are very well camouflaged, stay behind your guide and follow his steps. In the course of getting a good photo you do not want to get too close to those jaws!

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