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Beautiful Bosnia: A Photo Blog

Posted by Michael Pullman 27th September 2017
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Michael recently returned from Bosnia on our Into the Balkans tour. As well as the fascinating history, Michael was left impressed by the stunning scenery of the country...

Mostar: The Neretva River

View from Mostar Bridge

Mostar's iconic Stari Most Bridge is one of the country's most photographed locations, but the view from the bridge down the Neretva River, which is often a brilliant green in hue, is also well worth getting the camera out for.

Road Journeys With a View

Bosnian scenery

This is actually taken out of the bus window on our journey from Mostar to Banja Luka, Bosnia's second largest city, and is an example of the dramatic mountain and lake scenery that unfolds before your eyes on any road or rail journey in the region.

Another Roadside Stop

Bosnia scenery

Another view from Bosnia's roads heading north from Mostar - this time we persuaded our driver to stop, but if he had stopped at every amazing view we would still be driving the roads today, two weeks later!

The Kravica Waterfalls

Kravica Waterfalls

Bosnia's Kravica Waterfalls are a popular beauty spot and for good reason. Besides the thundering falls and turquoise lake, for the brave it's a great place for a wild swim in the clear, refreshing waters.

Views Over Sarajevo

Sarajevo Skyline

Whilst not strictly speaking countryside, a steep 15-minute walk up to Sarajevo's Yellow Fortress rewards tired legs (well, eyes at least) with a stunning vista of the city, surrounded by green hills on all sides.

Discover the natural beauty of Bosnia on our Into The Balkans tour.

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