The National - Exploring the Quiet Beauty of Hampi

24th May 2017


Amar Grover travelled to South India to discover the hidden gem of Karnataka, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hampi.

The Telegraph - How India’s royals are reinventing Rajasthan's forgotten palaces

22nd November 2016

Amar Grover travelled to Rajasthan to witness first-hand how many forgotten palaces in India are being given a new lease of life.

Where Islam meets the ghost of Lenin - Caroline Eden in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan

1st November 2016

Caroline Eden travelled with Wild Frontiers and writes about how Soviet history mixes with Islam in Kyrgyzstan, and the art collection at the Nukus Museum in Uzbekistan.

India in slow motion: the secret corners of Rajasthan

2nd October 2016

Destination expert for The Telegraph and contributing editor to Conde Nast Traveller, award-winning travel writer Harriet O Brien travels to Chandrabhaga cattle fair on our India in Slow Motion tour.

What Attracts Tourists To Afghanistan?

7th August 2016

Our head of group tours Marc speaks to Ailsa Chang, a journalist at NPR, the American public radio station, about the reasons people may decide to visit Afghanistan as a tourist. Whether it is for the beautiful mountains, friendly people or cultural legacy from the history of empires. Hear the short interview or read the transcript on this link.

Where to stay in Ethiopia: the best lodges and hotels

4th August 2016

Fiona Duncan travelled to Ethiopia with Wild Frontiers and reviews some of the best places to stay in the country, where the tourism industry is growing fast. Including Bale Mountain Lodge, Gheralta Lodge and the renowned Limalimo Lodge.

Caroline Eden travels to Tajikistan with Wild Frontiers

18th May 2016

Journalist and writer Caroline Eden went to take in "one of the worlds wildest - and most beautiful - corners", Tajikistan. Aside from trekking besides sparkling turquoise lakes and up far-flung mountains, Caroline watches dancing in village homestays, is driven along the white-knuckle Pamir Highway and encounters the ancient shrines, fortresses, rock paintings and curious markets of the Silk Road. Read her article for Telegraph Travel.

Nick Boulos shares tales from 'the real Iran'

21st April 2016

Award-winning travel writer Nick Boulos headed to Iran with Wild Frontiers, meeting locals and hearing their tales in Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan and beyond.

Orla Thomas steps into the real life Jungle Book with Wild Frontiers

14th April 2016

Step into the real life Jungle Book with Orla Thomas on a trip organised Wild Frontiers, enjoying beautiful photography from Philip Lee Harvey.

Oman: in search of a timeless place

31st March 2016

Katherine Webb headed to the Empty Quarter of Oman to research her newest novel, The English Girl.

A Right Royal Ride Through Montenegro

14th March 2016

Minty Clinch rides through the stunning scenery of Montenegro on horseback for the Telegraph.  Read more

Financial Times: Hiking the Karakoram

1st March 2016

The South Asia Security Correspondent for the FT, Matthew Green, hikes over the remote Hispar Path. Ever alert to the risk that one of his guests might stray on to a trapdoor-like patch of ice, plunge into a hidden crevasse and never be seen again, Atta Khan gave the gleaming crust of the Biafo glacier another exploratory prod. A well-weathered guide, who had once rescued a man wedged 35m below the surface, he put aside his stick and uncoiled a yellow cord. “Better rope up,” he said. “I don’t trust this snow.” The clink of metal striking metal pierced the thin air as our three-...