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Inside the most beautiful and complicated country you've probably never visited

  • 20th February 2020

Sara Wheeler visits Uzbekistan, a country with a complicated underbelly and flashes of brilliance

William Dalrymple on the treasures of Algeria

  • 13th January 2020

William Dalrymple travels across Algeria on our Algerian Colours Tour for the Financial Times

LoveEXPLORING: 60 gorgeous photos of the last unspoiled places on earth

  • 2nd October 2019

The world might feel like a smaller place today, but there are still some remarkably remote and pristine places to visit where you can leave the crowds behind.

A princely legacy: How Ganga Singh’s rule changed Rajasthan

  • 2nd October 2019

Alec Maash travel across Rajasthan with Wild Froniters in search of the legacy of Ganga Singh

Emma Thomson: Life on the longest river

  • 20th August 2019

Emma Thomson travels with Wild Frontiers on our Slow Boat to Ashwan, sailing 140 miles along the Nile, to experience life on the longest river.

Emma Thomson: In search of the real Pakistan

  • 4th June 2019

Emma Thomson travels to Pakistan with Wild Frontiers on our Hindu Kush Adventure in search of the real Pakistan

Kate Humble: The Magical Corner of India that Tourists are yet to Invade

  • 24th April 2019

Kate humble travelled to India with Wild Frontiers and in Madhya Pradesh, discovered a magical corner of India yet to be invaded by tourists.

CNN - Lahore, Pakistan's Mughal treasure trove

  • 26th March 2019

CNN Travel explore five of Lahore's must-see sights and come to Wild Frontiers' Jonny for expert opinion into travelling in Pakistan.

Newsweek - Women Lead the Charge in Solo Travel

  • 13th March 2019

In Newsweek, Wild Frontiers' Andrea discusses why an increasing number of women, of all ages, are becoming more comfortable exploring adventurous parts of the world on their own.

Atlanta Journal Constitution - Spring Travel Culinary Delights

  • 8th March 2019

Wild Frontiers' tours to Georgia and the Caucasus were featured as a fantastic international location for those seeking a Springtime culinary adventure on the US digital publication, Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Luxe Beat - Magical, Mystical Bagan is a Feast for the Senses

  • 6th March 2019

Debbie Stone describes the spectacular sight of Myanmar's Bagan at sunrise and explores the history of this ancient temple complex on a trip arranged by Wild Frontiers.

Big Blend Magazine - Temple Hopping in Mystical Bagan

  • 22nd February 2019

Debbie Stone travelled with Wild Frontiers on tailor-made trip to Myanmar and wrote about her time at the incredible temples of Bagan for Big Blend Magazine.

The Times - Pakistan A New Outlook and British Airways Flights for 2019

  • 7th January 2019

Chris Haslam of The Times describes why visiting Pakistan (organised by Wild Frontiers) was his travel highlight of the year.

Frommers - Georgia—A Country Where the Wine Has Been Aging for 8,000 Years

  • 14th November 2018

A culinary exploration of the former Soviet republic’s wild flavor combinations and ancient recipes would be a highlight of any food lover’s to-do list. Mark Orwoll joins our 'Tastes of Georgia with Carla Capalbo' trip and writes about his experience.

The Daily Telegraph - Getting under the skin of a country that measures success in 'Gross National Happiness'

  • 20th August 2018

From the Daily Telegraph - Emma Thomson gets off the beaten track and enjoys some homestays in her quest to find out what makes Bhutan tick, on a trip organised by Wild Frontiers.

Travel + Leisure - Why Your Jordan Bucket List Shouldn’t End at Petra

  • 13th August 2018

A bedrock in a famous region, Jordan contains ancient ruins and cultural treasures that go far beyond its most famous attraction. Zander Abranowicz describes his trip to Jordan for Travel + Leisure, organised by Wild Frontiers.

The Times - Heavenly Kingdom: Tom Hollander in Ethiopia

  • 30th July 2018

Myth and fact are hard to separate in Africa’s most magical country, and God is never far away, as Tom Hollander discovered with the help of Wild Frontiers.

The Daily Telegraph - Benedict Allen explores salt lakes and the world's most beautiful cities on the Silk Road

  • 12th June 2018

Adventurer and Explorer, Benedict Allen, discusses his journey along the Silk Road and into the Nurata Mountains with Wild Frontiers in the Daily Telegraph.

The Telegraph - The Swami, Pattie and Me

  • 16th May 2018

Ruby Wax discovers the dichotomy of India - with a little help from her freinds at Wild Frontiers

Financial Times - Dancing in the hills: a journey to meet Pakistan’s Kalash people

  • 21st March 2018

Novelist William Dalrymple visited Pakistan late in 2017, as part of his journey Wild Frontiers arranged for him to journey into the Hindu Kush to meet the Kalash, the last pagan tribe in the area.

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