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From the soul of steppe nomads, Tulga grew up in the Gobi area where giant sand dunes, camels and the most hospitable people in the world live! Tulga likes to cheer up his “Wind Horse” (spiritual mind) by riding tough Mongolian horses through the open steppe rather than going to the monastery to pray. Tulga spends a lot of time in the Taiga area of the Siberian Mountains, where he loves to spend time with the reindeer herders learning more about their unique culture.

In his career he has summited Mount Khuiten (4374m), trekked across Potanin glacier, one of the biggest in Mongolia, and cross country dog sledded in –40°C. He is a first rate tour leader and we are proud to call him 'our man in Mongolia'.

Specialist: Mongolia


Q: How did you fall into tour leading?

A: I was chosen to be a tour guide whilst at university, by the only tour company in Mongolia in the mid 1990s. It felt like I was walking on the clouds!

Q: What do you like most about tour leading?

A: Every tour is a new experience and a new challenge. Meeting interesting people from around the world and finding ways to help them is an uplifting experience.

Q: Where is your favourite part of the world?

A: It’s hard to say, all for different reasons. Firstly, Mongolia, because it’s home but also India, China and Indonesia, because of their different cultures, multiple activities and so much to see and to experience! I also can’t forget New Zealand and Yellowstone Park in Wyoming.

Q: What was your biggest travel highlight?

A: Watching the sunset on the big frozen lake during my long dog sledding trip – it was fabulous!

Q: What’s the one thing you couldn't travel without?

A: Music.

Q: Which famous person would you most like to travel with?

A: Michael J. Fox to travel to the future! Actually, no, I would like to travel with Ewan McGregor and ride a motorcycle around Australia.

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