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Indian Subcontinent

Filled with the colour, majesty and romance of ages past, the Indian Subcontinent presents visitors with some of the most intoxicating destinations on earth. From the towering peaks of the Himalayas, to the spice scented jungles of the Malabar coast, this is a region of astonishing cultural diversity and scenic grandeur. Here the cultural influences of the Buddha and the British Raj live side by side with the opulent grace of the Moghul emperors and the idyllic backwaters of the Western Ghats. Whilst beyond the bustling streets of Delhi and Lahore lie the hidden mountain kingdoms of the Himalayas, where isolated monasteries and shamanistic beliefs still cling to the sacred peaks as they have for centuries. These are the lands of the tiger and the snow leopard, where nature and tradition comes together in a breathless fusion of wonder and celebration.


Travel to Sri Lanka at almost any time of year – the double monsoon system means there is always a good part of the island to be in.

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