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Peru: Lost Treasures Of The Cloud Warriors - Map & Itinerary

Tour starts in Lima

Day 1

The tours starts in Lima, Peru’s contrasting capital.

Lima - Trujillo

Day 2

After a morning in Lima we fly to Trujillo. This northern city is a colonial gem and is also home to the cultural remains of the Chimu and Moche civilisations and the largest adobe pyramids in Peru.

In & Around Trujillo

Day 3

In the morning we visit the huge Moche pyramids of the Sun and the Moon, before returning to Trujillo for lunch. This afternoon we explore the impressive Chimu ruins of Chan Chan.

Drive to Chaparrí

Day 4

Today we continue north towards the Chaparrí Mountains and the dry forests of northern Peru to stay overnight in an eco-lodge in a private conservation area.

Chaparrí - Chiclayo

Day 5

Run by the local community, Chaparri is a natural paradise home to (amongst others) the Andean or spectacled bear (think Paddington Bear!), the guanaco and the Andean condor. Later we drive to Chiclayo.

In & around Chiclayo

Day 6

From Chiclayo we’ll visit the tomb and museum of the Lord of Sipan. The twin pyramid complex has unearthed some of the finest Moche artefacts ever discovered, considered by many to be amongst the best examples of pre-Columbian art ever found.

Chiclayo - Chachapoyas

Day 7

Today's drive takes us into the mountains to Chachapoyas, an important trading city that once lay at the crossroads between the coast and the jungle, providing an ideal base from which to explore this incredible cultural landscape.

Around Chachapoyas: Visit the Raymillacta Festival and Karajia

Day 8

Today coincides with the Raymillacta Festival - a local celebration to commemorate the ancient traditions and customs of the people once called the ‘Warriors of the Clouds'. After watching the start of the colourful procession, we'll travel to the funerary site of Karajia before returning to Chachapoyas for yet more festivities.

Chachapoyas – Gocta Falls - Chachapoyas

Day 9

Today we drive out and trek out to the nearby majestic Gocta Falls for the day, the third highest waterfall in the world (although this is a point of some debate at present). Only recently ‘discovered’, the falls cascade down through some 771 vertical metres.

Chachapoyas - Kuelap - Chillo

Day 10

Kuelap is a spectacular pre-Incan fortress sitting on a ridge overlooking the Utcubamba Valley. In its heyday it was one the the most formidable pre-Columbian cities in the Americas and is a certain highlight of this trip.

Chillo - Revash - Leymebamba

Day 11

Today we visit the enigmatic cliff-top mausoleums of Revash before heading to Leymebamba to see a stunning collection of some 200 mummies.

Leymebamba - Cajamarca

Day 12

One of South America’s most stunning drives takes us down to the beautiful colonial town of Cajamarca, most notorious as the place where Pizarro executed the Inca, Atahualpa.

In & around Cajamarca

Day 13

The morning sees us travel to nearby Cumbe Mayo with its ancient aqueduct leaving the afternoon free to soak up Cajarmarca’s many charms.

Fly to Lima where tour ends

Day 14

A further morning in Cajamarca allows time for some final explorations before our afternoon flight (times subject to change) back to the ‘City of Kings’ today, where our journey ends.