Peru: Lost Treasures Of The Cloud Warriors



In the north of Peru, far away from the country’s most famous attraction - Machu Picchu - can be found an amazing collection of pre-Columbian sites which are amongst some of the most fascinating and little-known in the entire Americas. For not only were these the lands of the Inca, they were also home to the Moche, the Chimu and the cloud warriors of Chachapoyas.

This astonishing odyssey into Peru’s ancient past takes us high up into the Northern Highlands, where the awesome mountain fortress of Kuelap lies shrouded in myth. Travelling through an incredible variety of landscapes from coastal deserts to cloud forests and high Andean mountains, there’ll be ample opportunities for mixing with the locals. In addition we’ll explore the recently discovered cascades of the Gocta Falls - the third highest in the world! - adding to this unique and unforgettable adventure to the very heart of Peru’s ancient legacy.

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Adventure Rating - 7

Tours that fall into this category are likely to involve at least a few challenging days and are often in destinations where tourism is still in its infancy.

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