Dan's interest in travel began when he was somewhat reluctantly persuaded by his then girlfriend to embark on an 8 month trip round the world after his A-Levels. Upon arriving in Delhi, rucksack on his back, nothing organized and eight months of adventure ahead, reticence quickly gave way to lifelong passion! He proceeded to travel through India, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji & the U.S. After graduating from University he still couldn't shake the travel bug and looked for ways facilitate his continued travels and thus his career in the industry was born. He has been lucky enough to travel to every continent (except Antarctica, may have to wait a while for that one!) and continues to use every opportunity he has to visit new countries. He is an expert in the Middle East, having travelled to Iran, Jordan, Oman, Israel and Palestine, as well as being something of a connoisseur of the Silk Road.


Q: Favourite city:
A: It has to be Isfahan in Iran, with its exquisitely tiled mosques and beautiful bridges, palaces and gardens. It’s a great place to wander the streets appreciating what are probably the friendliest people you could meet anywhere in the world.

Q: Favourite country:
A: Jordan has it all – the magnificent Petra, the wonderful desert scenery of Wadi Rum, amazing walking country in Dana Nature Reserve, Crusader castles, the mineral-rich Dead Sea, hospitable locals, amazing food….I could go on and on!

Q: Favourite meal:
A: My favorite dish is the national dish of Oman, the Shuwaa. It’s is utterly delicious and historically reflects Oman’s importance along the Far Eastern spice routes. Making a shuwaa is a time-consuming business and is always served at any decent celebration like weddings or Eid holidays. It involves liberally spicing a joint of lamb with cloves, coriander, cardamom, cumin and pepper (although other spices are sometimes used). The join is then wrapped in banana leaves and slow cooked underground with some hot coals for at least 24 hours. When it comes out it is some of the most flavoursome, melt in the mouth meat you’ll ever have the pleasure to eat. It’s normally just served with rice and depending on where you eat it is shared and eaten with your hands Omani style.

Q: Most memorable journey:
A: Would have to be the 56 hour train journey from Bangalore to Calcutta – Indian train journeys cannot be beaten for entertainment!

Q: Favourite travel advice:
A: Suspension is often a bit of an ‘optional extra’ in the developing world so avoid your natural inclination to head to the back of the bus unless in the mood to experience levitation.

Q: Next on must-see list:
A: Sudan, I’m desperate to see the pyramids of Meroe.