Adventure Vacations for Couples

Adventure Vacations for Couples

10th November 2019

Not every couple enjoys quaint relaxation in a beachy tourist resort. While those vacation offer serenity and bliss, there are other options, as well. We always say, it’s important to find a destination that is agreeable with your lifestyle and outlook. For instance, some couples are drawn to countries rich in history and culture, others are in search of the best cuisine and hospitality. Then, there are couples who would prefer exploration and adventure, perhaps off the beaten track.

If you’re the couple in search of an unforgettable destination, then this list is for you! Below we’re sharing the top most amazing adventure vacations for couples. For all of our wanderlust couples, be sure to browse Wild Frontiers expansive list of tours all around the globe.

Experience India’s Kashmir and Sukoon by houseboat.

India Adventure Vacation for Couples

For the ultimate adventure vacations for couples join us in India on our Kashmir and Sukoon Houseboat tour.

The area in and around India's Kashmir Valley has long been considered one of India's most beautiful and important regions. This picturesque destination offers a window to beautiful surrounding lakes and orchards. Its distant landscapes serve as a wondrous backdrop, with high Alpine Peaks that are year-round snowcapped. The country itself is rooted in Islamic culture and spirituality. Many of its mosques are another indication of how historically significant this area of India has come to be.

Wild Frontiers eight-day, six-night trip will take you through Kashmir and neighboring Sukoon in a manner once reserved for royalty. A journey on a Kashmir houseboat is the perfect combination of adventure and opulence. It's a heady mixture that everyone should experience at least once. Enjoy the sights and sensations of one of the world's oldest civilizations by day and let the water rock you to sleep when the sun goes down. There's nothing else like waking up beside the person you love and head out to dine on a kitchen-boat floating in historic Lake Dal. If you take this trip that could be you.

Other things to do:

From museums to famous parks and gardens, there is no shortage of things to explore. There’s a widely popular Gondola ride that visitors have come to love. Additionally, you can explore the various surrounding areas via horseback, or opt-in for paragliding. There’s plenty of opportunity for trekking the high peaks or riding down the snowy mountains via skis or snowboards. There’s also endless adventure to be had by camelback, or simply tent camping in its expansive desert wilderness.

Enjoy a tropical getaway on the beaches of Borneo.

Romantic Vacations for Two

For a romantic and adventurous experience come with us on our Borneo Undiscovered tour.

Next, we’re giving you the ultimate adventure vacations for couples: Borneo. Did you know the island of Borneo is one of the top three largest islands in the world? In fact, it is third only to Greenland and New Guinea. Additionally, more than 15,000 plant species call its dense rainforest home. Also, it’s not unusual to spot wildlife within this region, including orangutans and proboscis monkeys. The real treat, though? This island boasts thousands of kilometers of beaches and Malaysia’s tallest mountains.

Things To Do in Borneo

Given that its landscapes are so diverse, you’ll be hard-pressed to find yourself bored. For one, Mountain Kinabalu is one of the highest peaks between New Guinea and the Himalayas; it stands at over 4,000m (13,400ft). Avid hikers can complete this trekking adventure in a 2-day climb to the summit, and opt-in for accommodations and mountainside hostel. Note, only a limited number of hikers can experience this climb each day and it’s usually booked well in advance.

You may also spend the night at one of the world’s most deserted islands: Sabah’s Pulau Tig. Luckily, there’s a resort to take care of lodging. Additionally, diving enthusiasts are probably well aware of the adventure to be had in Sabah’s Sipidan Island. Sprawling coral reefs thrive in unpolluted and undisturbed waters.

Borneo has long been one of the most desirable pieces of land on earth. It seems everyone wants a piece of its heavenly sand, verdant greenery, and crystal clear water. This trip allows you to experience the highlights of Borneo over the course of twelve days. You'll journey from sandy shores to city skylines and sprawling jungles. This is a trip that has something for everyone, mixing everything up so that you never experience a dull moment.

Become a true adventurer by journeying down the Nile.

adventure vacation for couples

The Nile might be the most famous river on Earth. Its waters gave life to ancient Egypt and allowed that civilization to thrive. Today the Nile is as beautiful and mysterious as ever. This fourteen-day tour allows you to travel back through the sands of time aboard a dahabiya sailboat. The name means "golden one" in Arabic, a fitting name for a craft once once reserved for royalty. Now you and your loved one can travel like royalty to the Valley of the Kings on one of these magnificent boats.

Bring your significant other and espace with us on our Romance on the Nile tour.

Find the path to enlightenment amongst the Himalayas.

Himalaya Couples Adventure Vacation

The Himalayas is a must on the list for adventure vacations for couples. It’s most famously known for being the home of Mount Everest. However, every mountain in the range has its own unique beauty and wonder. Plus, this area that spans Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Nepal, and Chine is one of the best adventures for any couple to experience.

Luckily, even if you’re not a trekking expert or world-renowned hiker, there’s still plenty to explore and do. For example, you can try out:

  • Water rafting
  • Heli skiing
  • Yak safari
  • Mountain biking
  • Gondola rides
  • Camping

This area of the globe certainly is short of an adventure. If you’re an extremist type of a couple that loves to live life on the edge, why not try out bungee jumping or paragliding? There’s also no shortage of national parks where you can witness the spectacular view of the Himalayas beautiful wildlife habitation. In fact, it is home to over 365 fauna species, 31 mammals, 181 birds, and an amazing ecosystem. If you’re looking for deep-rooted culture, there’s also plenty of that, too!

Wild Frontiers fourteen-day journey and tour will lead you from the modern metropolis of Delhi out into mountain villages where day-to-day life seems to be frozen in time. Meet the locals and experience their culture as you journey through magnificent forests to visit ancient temples nestled among the mountains. When you've had your fill of adventure, you can enjoy a day of relaxation at the Vana retreat in Uttarakhand. It's a true storybook setting that is perfect for a romantic escape.

Join us on our Exploring the Himalays which is a perfect adventure vacation for couples.

Explore the little known Northern region of the Republic of Malawi.

Malawai Adventure trip for Couples

The national motto of Malawi is "Unity and Freedom," which is just what couples who visit the country can expect to experience. Malawi is already a relatively uncommon tourist destination, but this trip takes things further by taking you to the pristine nature of the country's northern half. This tour is designed for those who love the outdoors. Travelers will hike, canoe, and even mountain bike across some of the most beautiful lands on earth. Enjoy a day of fishing on Lake Malawi before savouring the fruit of your labour as you sit on the shore and drift asleep under a canopy of stars. This is a wonderful chance to explore a region that is practically unknown to the world, without sacrificing comfort and safety.

Come Off the Beaten Track in Northern Malawi with us for an unforgettable adventure vacation for couples.